Thursday April 15, 2021

The E-Myth Manager (Hardcover)


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The E-Myth Manager:

Why Management Doesn't Work and What to Do About It

More than ten years after his first best-selling book, The E-Myth, changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of small business owners, Michael Gerber fires the next salvo in his highly successful E-Myth Revolution.

Drawing on lessons learned from working with more than 20,000 organizations, Michael has discovered the truth behind why management doesn't work and what to do about it. Regardless of their size or industry, most organizations seem to exist in a primarily dysfunctional state. Even companies that appear to be successful suffer this same fate because management as we have come to know it is inherently flawed. What is required to truly transform both the job of the manager and the plight of the organization is nothing less than a revolution in the idea of management and its very execution.

Hardcover book. (HarperBusiness, 1998)

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