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2009 | Mar 26 in Entrepreneurship , Podcast , Guest Contributor , Home Page News

By Erin Duckhorn,

podcastE-Myth President, Wendy Vinson interviews Brian Schwartz, entrepreneur and author of the new book: 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs.

The book, a first in a series that taps the wisdom of lessons learned from those who have successfully gone before, features an interview with E-Myth founder Michael Gerber. Brian graciously allowed us to share the Michael Gerber chapter with you. Download the chapter here.

Podcast: Wendy Vinson interviews author Brian Schwartz

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Podcast Summary

You may not like everything you read in the book, but if you want to know the truth about entrepreneurship, it's in there. These are raw interviews — they're telling you like it is.

The Evolution of an Entrepreneur

After years of working for other people, Brian, like many entrepreneurs before him, decided that enough was enough. He wanted to be in control of his own income; he wanted to leave the world of sales behind. But before he could follow his entrepreneurial dreams, Brian's wife challenged him to do his research first: interview 50 entrepreneurs, she suggested, then you can make an informed decision. So he did. And he realized that not only did he have a knack for interviewing and writing, he really felt passionate about it. That's how the book 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs came to be.

Work fulfillment had always eluded me, but during the interview process what I discovered was that these entrepreneurs had found fulfillment. I was inspired by that.

Two key elements that will help you fuel your entrepreneurial dreams

  1. Have a consuming passion - The common thread among these entrepreneurs is an all-consuming passion... one might even call it an addiction. It's the kind of passion that if you stopped getting paid tomorrow, you'd continue doing what you're' doing.
  2. Have an impersonal goal - To be truly successful, the goal mustn't be about you, or about how much you'll gain. it's about something much bigger. It's about the impact you'll have on other people and on the world around you. When you're doing something that's bigger than yourself, it's an amazing motivator.

Read the blog article 5 Skills Essential to Success that also appears in 50 Interviews.

You can download the entire Michael Gerber interview chapter here.

For more information about the book or to contact Brian Schwartz, please visit: www.50interviews.com.

Share Your Entrepreneurial Evolution Story

We invite you to share the story of how you realized your entrepreneurial dream and built your business of today. Or if you're just getting started, tell us what inspired you to begin your entrepreneurial journey.


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    In 2004, I lost a job with a World Bank NGO. By 2005, I had no job, just an idea to start a cleaning and janitorial services business in Lagos. I approached my brother-in-law (he's an architect) and in 2006 the August 2006, the coy was born. The first two years have been basically foundation building. We have gotten to the phase of re-inventing ourselves. All this will I have been in consulting practise one way or the other (on a salary). I have learnt about outsourcing, while working as a consultant for a top notch consulting firm in Lagos. I am about to part ways with my initial partner(my brother-in-law) and pick up a new partner with strengths in core outsourcing delivery. I am seeking greater insights in growth and sustainability and new client generation and retention. The market is fierce, but I believe our dream of beign among the top five top-notch out-sourcing services firms in Nigeria in 10 years is attainable.

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