The E-Myth Physician: The Completion Plan

The Completion Plan includes all the details of how every benchmark in a Practice Plan will be met.

In the E-Myth Mastery Impact! program, the Completion Plan is referred to as the the Action Plan, and is learned in the module on Management. Contact us today to learn more about what the Mastery Impact! program can do for you.

Completion Plan

  • Title: Patient Scheduling
  • Result: To ensure that patient visits are scheduled efficiently, and with proper time estimates and considerations.
  • Materials Needed: Computer, time management software, telephone, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Position with Overall Accountability: Office Manager
  • Reporting Positions: Receptionist
  • Staff Positions: Doctor
1 Receive request for appointment from patient using the Appointment Scheduling script. Send an appointment reminder postcard to patient, as well as any necessary paperwork. Allocate appropriate time depending on nature of the appointment (see time estimate chart). Route patient records to nurse. Receptionist 2 weeks prior to appointment
2 Review patient records for any anomalies or special circumstances. Adjust appointment duration estimate if necessary. Route back to receptionist. Nurse 13 days prior to appointment
3 Review nurse's duration adjustments, and note on electronic time management software. Receptionist 12 days prior to appointment
4 Confirm appointment with Confirming Appointment with Patients script. Receptionist 3 days prior to appointment
5 Route patient records, and Future Action Notice to Doctor. Receptionist 2 days prior to appointment
6 Greet patient, confirm insurance information, and alert doctor. Receptionist day of appointment


  • Family Care Center will service each patient at a cost significantly below the competition, at a quality significantly higher than any one else around, and at a profit that will justify our efforts as well as the commitment of our investors.
  • All employees will project an image of professionalism and order. Prospects and patients will encounter a team atmosphere from all members of the staff, and an attitude of genuine caring and interest in their needs and concerns.
  • The office personnel will present a neat, well-mannered, professional appearance, dressed in matching uniforms.
  • The office manager will dress in tasteful and professional business attire.
  • Patients will not be made to wait to see their Doctor. Appointments will be thoughtfully scheduled to avoid waiting time.

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