The E-Myth Physician: The Business Plan

The Business Plan forms the base of your planning triangle. But don't let the name fool you —this is not just another traditional plan as is taught in business schools. This Business Plan reads like a story—the most important story you've ever told—and fully describes the vision of your practice, its purpose... its heart.

Business Plan for the Family Care Center

The Business We Are Creating

As the Family Care Center looks forward to 2008 and beyond, we will be the premier provider of family oriented primary care services in the greater North Bay area. Our gross annual sales will reach $5 million in 2008, with an annual net profit of $500 K.

Investors in the Family Care Center will receive a yearly 10% return on investment. As part of her exit strategy, Dr. Sandra Levitt, owner of the Family Care Center, will receive a yearly 20% return on her own personal investment over the next five years.

The Vision Our Business Will Pursue

The Family Care Center will produce a consistently predictable result in the hands of employee doctors trained in our comprehensive processes and systems. We will perform our services at a cost significantly below the competition, at a quality significantly higher than any one else around, and at a profit that will justify our efforts as well as the commitment of our investors.

The Family Care Center will project an image of professionalism and order at all times. Patients will encounter a team atmosphere from all members of the staff, and an attitude of genuine caring and interest in their needs and concerns. The office personnel will present a neat, well-mannered, professional appearance, dressed in matching uniforms. The office manager will dress in tasteful and professional business attire.

Believing as we do that service and the attainment of worthwhile goals brings true personal fulfillment, the Family Care Center will be a rewarding and much sought after place of employment. We will set realistic goals and communicate them to our patients, thereby establishing realistic expectations for them. We will then exceed their expectations with our commitment to superior care. The Family Care Center will be dedicated to ensuring that patients' appointments begin at their scheduled times.

The Process that Will Turn Our Vision into a Reality

We will administer care in a world-class facility. The building, grounds and signage will reflect the professional, pristine, and caring nature of our work. We will use state-of-the-art technology for both patient care, and to streamline the practice's operations.

We will bring our vision to life through the careful implementation of integrated systems at every level of the business. Managers will be accountable for systems development. Support staff will be accountable for using these systems to achieve results. We will hold regular management meetings to support systems development by allowing primary stakeholders to evaluate the impact of system implementation.

We will develop and post an organizational chart that will clarify the reporting relationships between employees. This will also aid employees in their professional development efforts.

The Family Care Center will develop and thrive through targeting middle-class families. By providing exceptional customer service, we will position ourselves to attract new patients primarily through referral programs.

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