The Ultimate Business Coaching Program

Mastery Impact! is the only business building system of its kind in the world. It combines our deep knowledge, proprietary systems and tools with the guidance of your own personal E-Myth Business Coach to help you completely transform the way you think about and do business. The approach is based upon the real-world experiences of tens of thousands of small business owner clients whom we have helped successfully transform their businesses into world-class operations for more than three decades.

The program provides business owners with the necessary perspective, skills and confidence to build a successful, sustainable business.

  • Regular meetings with an E-Myth Business Coach who will guide and mentor your success
  • Practice a new way of thinking about and doing business; with an understanding that your business is the vehicle to get what you want for your life
  • Develop key business systems so that you are in control of your business, instead of having your business control you
  • Utilize E-Myth's proprietary Seven Centers of Management Attention™ business building model
  • Learn to do the ordinary work of business in an extraordinary way: consistently, predictability and efficiently
  • Gain the leadership strategy that will bring order and purpose to your business
  • Create the holistic business system that consistently delivers the sales and profits you need today…and tomorrow

Your Coach

An E-Myth Business Coach will be your guide, working with you side-by-side, to give you the tools and framework to achieve an incredible reinvention of your business. They will help you strategize your business development path and support the implementation process that will dramatically improve your business.

Why It Works

You're an expert at the work of your business; we're experts at building businesses that work. Isn't it time we worked together?

Take The Next Step

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