How you think about business is how you end up doing business

The Five Core Principles™

Life: At the center of the E-Myth Point of View is the principle that your business should be a way to get more of what you want out of life. Your business should be a vehicle through which you gain personal and financial freedom.

Leadership: In order to lead your company in the future, you must have a clear and compelling vision that inspires you and your staff. Being the leader means demonstrating your passion, commitment and enthusiasm with action.

Working On It, Not In It: Working on your business means building your business as a franchise prototype, even if you never plan on franchising. In this way, you've created a turn-key operation that delivers consistent, predictable results no matter who's running the business. Learn more...

Systemization: If you want to create a business that provides you with a high-equity return, you need to create a proprietary business system. In an ideal business, systems run the business and people run the systems.

Business Development: Business development is the secret to realizing your vision. It's the methodology behind working on your business not just in it. It's a continuous cycle of Innovation, Quantification and Orchestration.

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