The Business Benefits of Celebrating Achievements

2005 | Nov 14 in Marketing

By E-Myth Business Coach,


When business leaders and managers develop and commit to a Strategic Objective, a vision for what the company will look like in the future, there is an initial surge of excitement: employees and business partners are invigorated by the possibility of creating something much grander than the current reality.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if, after much hard work, the milestones of the Strategic Objective were achieved but the business leaders or managers never communicated the news, and never acknowledged the employees who helped make it all happen. The result would be a dramatic loss of motivation and desire to work as hard on the next projects and assignments.

What happens at your company when you achieve a milestone, for example, when a new product is launched or a new location is opened, do you celebrate it? If you donít, you should.

A Valuable Opportunity

Celebrating milestones is a valuable opportunity for business leaders to reenergize their employees around the organizationís Strategic Objectives by thanking the people who helped make the achievements happen. By not celebrating these important milestones, some business leaders miss a golden opportunity.

We often see businesses focus their budgets on communicating successes to customers through lead generation messages and marketing collateral, but neglect to get the word out to their employees. If the business leader takes advantage of the opportunities to positively connect with their employees, however, each employee can become a part of the marketing department by sharing their excitement with clients, business associates, friends and family.

Recognizing Accomplishments

During a recent company party held to celebrate the launch E-Mythís new Embark E-Learning offering, I was pleasantly surprised to overhear different people commenting on how refreshing it was to work for a company that acknowledges employees for their contributions. These comments were closely followed by downbeat stories about working at other companies that did not bother to take a break to celebrate their achievements, and the negative impact that had on employee morale.

A great leader does not lead in a vacuum, or go it alone. There is usually a talented group of people on the team who have aligned their vision to that of the leader, and who worked very hard to achieve results. Think about it to be a great leader, you have to motivate your people to want to follow you. A smart leader makes their employees feel empowered by giving them a sense of ownership, and recognizing their accomplishments. Celebrating achievements is a great way to make that happen!

Does your company celebrate milestones and achievements? If so, what celebrations were particularly meaningful, or memorable, and why? If your company does not acknowledge achievements, do you think this negatively affects the company culture? Would it be beneficial if, at the next opportunity, your company threw a little party to celebrate achievements in meeting your Strategic Objective?

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