The E-Myth Physician: Your Three Critical Plans

Your Three Critical Plans

Every Physician should have a plan. You shouldn't even begin to see patients without one. Here are three critical plans you'll need in order avoid failure and grow your practice to match your vision. As described in Chapter Three of The E-Myth Physician, these three plans — the Business Plan, the Practice Plan, and the Completion Plan — are the planning foundation of your practice.

The Business Plan forms the base of your planning triangle. But don't let the name fool you — this is not just another traditional plan as is taught in business schools. This Business Plan reads like a story — the most important story you've ever told — and fully describes the vision of your practice, its purpose, its heart.

The Practice Plan includes everything a Doctor needs to know, have and do in order to deliver his or her promise to a patient on time, every time, exactly as promised.

The Completion Plan includes all the details of how every benchmark in a Practice Plan will be met.

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Please note: The process examples on these pages are sample formats only. The details contained therein should not in any way be construed to represent the actual, complete, realistic or accurate details of your plans. We are not Physicians — we're business systems experts. We do not know the details of how you do your work. Downloading these examples is just a first step. Now the hard part begins. Consistency and implementation are required for you to see results in both your business and your life.

If 30 days go by and you haven't started to make changes to your business, please donít waste another minute without talking to us. Often the best way to ensure success is with the help and accountability offered by an E-Myth Business Coach.

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