The E-Myth Physician: About the Book

Why Most Medical Practices Don't Work and What to Do About It

The E-Myth Contractor

With The E-Myth Physician, Michael Gerber focuses on the business of being a Physician, rather than the work of it. He reveals a radical mind-set that will free Physicians from the tyranny of the unprofitable, unproductive, perpetual routine--juggling patients, hiring, firing, doing everything that needs to get done. Drawing on over 25 years of experience working with small business owners, including many Physicians, Gerber provides revolutionary, practical, and enlightening insights on how to produce the best real-world results not only in the Physician's practice, but even more important, in a Physician's life.

Inside The E-Myth Physician, you will learn:

  • Why strategic thinking is the key to your success in your medical practice, and how NOT thinking strategically can bring financial ruin.
  • The four factors of money: income, profit, flow and equity. Rules and guidelines for managing your money.
  • 6 steps to resolving the inevitable conflict between Physician-as-Employee and Physician-as-Owner.
  • The story of Dr. Sandy.
  • The Physician's three critical business plans: the Business Plan, the Practice Plan, and the Completion Plan.
  • Why trying to manage people doesn't work, and what you should manage instead.
  • How understanding The People Law can turn your employees and patients from headaches into assets.
  • Why you should stop estimating and start promising.
  • How to work with your patients: 7 steps to dealing with patient dissatisfaction.
  • How to manage your practice's growth.
  • Understanding, and being open and inspired to change.
  • A new perspective on managing your time.
  • Why knowing the difference between Strategic Work and Technical Work is essential to your practice.
  • Three steps to taking action and working ON your practice immediately.

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