The E-Myth Contractor: The Completion Plan

The Completion Plan includes all the details of how every benchmark in a Job Plan will be met.

In the E-Myth Mastery Program, the Completion Plan is known across industries as the Action Plan, and is learned in Module 4 on Management.

Completion Plan

  • Title: Quality Assurance On-Site
  • Result: To ensure that the job specifications and measurements given on the initial plans accurately match what is really there.
  • Materials Needed: Level, tape measure, plans, flashlight, change order forms, pens, pencils, cell phone, etc.
  • Position with Overall Accountability: Residential Remodel Division Manager
  • Reporting Positions: Foreman
  • Staff Positions: Supervisor
1 Receive job specifications (specs) from the architect. Architect 3 Days prior to 1st Day of Job
2 Review job specifications for any anomalies or special circumstances. Foreman 2 Days prior to 1st Day of Job
3 Confirm site access with client using the Confirming Site Access With Client script. Foreman 1 Day prior to 1st Day of Job
4 Take the specs to the job site itself. Foreman 1st Day of Job
5 Confirm every measurement and specification with on-site quantification. Foreman 1st Day of Job
6 If there are any discrepancies, fill out a Change Order form for the architect, and an Alert form for the home owner/client. Foreman 1st Day of Job
7 If there are any discrepancies, follow the Consult With Architect and Consult With Client Completion Plans. Foreman 1st Day of Job
8 If there are no discrepancies, follow the Confirm Construction Schedule With Client Completion Plan. Foreman 2nd Day of Job


  1. Growen Co. Inc. will do each job at a cost significantly below the competition, at a quality significantly higher than any one else around, and at a profit that will justify our efforts as well as the commitment of our investors.
  2. All employees will project an image of professionalism and order from the first contact through to the project completion. Prospects and clients will encounter a team atmosphere from all members of the staff, and an attitude of genuine caring and interest in their needs, concerns, and dreams for their projects.
  3. We will staff every job every day and complete each on time.
  4. The field crews will present a neat, well-mannered, professional appearance, dressed in matching uniforms, hard hats, and work shoes.
  5. The managers will dress in tasteful and professional business attire in the office as well as in the client's home or office.
  6. Estimators, on-site job supervisors, and coordinators, who will be responsible for labor and material deployment, will support each project manager.
  7. We will begin no job until all required components are on site or readily available for use.
  8. Foreman will appear at least five minutes early at the job site with all necessary tools, forms, and equipment particular to the job.
  9. Any changes or conversations with either the architect or the client involving proposed changes to the written specs. must be documented in writing

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