The E-Myth Contractor: The Business Plan

The Business Plan forms the base of your planning triangle. But don't let the name fool you--this is not just another traditional plan as is taught in business schools. This Business Plan reads like a story--the most important story you've ever told--and fully describes the vision of your business, its purpose, its heart.

In the E-Myth Mastery Program, the Business Plan is known across industries as the Strategic Objective, and is created in Module 1 on Leadership.

Business Plan for Growen Co. Inc.

The Business We Are Creating (including financials)

As Growen Co. Inc. looks forward to 2007 and beyond, we will be the premier builders that contractors, architects and designers choose for their remodeling and construction needs in the greater North Bay area.

Our gross annual sales will reach $8 million in 2007, with an annual net profit of $1 million. Remodeling will contribute 20%, new residential construction will contribute 35%, and commercial building construction will contribute 45%.

Investors in Growen Co. Inc. will receive a yearly 10% return on investment. As part of his exit strategy, Bob Growen, CEO and president of Growen Co. Inc., will receive a yearly 20% return on his own personal investment over the next five years.

The Purpose Our Business Will Serve

The mission of Growen Co. Inc. contains five essential elements:

  • Control what is sold.
  • Control how it is sold.
  • Control how it is planned.
  • Control how it is built and installed.
  • Control how it is monitored.

The Vision Our Business Will Pursue

Growen Co. Inc. will be a construction and remodeling company such as the North Bay has never seen. We will produce a consistently predictable result in the hands of novice workers trained in our comprehensive processes and systems. We will do each job at a cost significantly below the competition, at a quality significantly higher than any one else around, and at a profit that will justify our efforts as well as the commitment of our investors.

Growen Co. Inc. will project an image of professionalism and order from the first contact through to the project completion. Prospects and clients will encounter a team atmosphere from all members of the staff, and an attitude of genuine caring and interest in their needs, concerns, and dreams for their projects. The field crews will present a neat, well-mannered, professional appearance, dressed in matching uniforms, hard hats, and work shoes. The managers will dress in tasteful and professional business attire in the office as well as in the client's home or office. There will be an in-house educational system through which each employee will be able to increase his or her personal and professional knowledge by working with seasoned contractor professionals. After one year of employment, all employees will be enrolled in a profit-sharing plan, so everyone at every level of the business shares in the success of the company as a whole.

Believing as we do that service and the attainment of worthwhile goals brings true personal fulfillment, Growen Co. Inc. will be a rewarding and much sought after place of employment. The focus of the business will be to do things right the first time, backed by a strong service policy. We will set realistic goals and communicate them to our clients, thereby establishing realistic expectations for them. We will then exceed their expectations with our commitment to superior service.

The Process that Will Turn Our Vision into a Reality

Our own executive team will administer each division (Remodeling, New Residential Construction, and Commercial Building Construction), and each team member will participate in ownership and profit sharing. The divisions will be centrally located to best facilitate communications, and the sharing of common equipment and technology. The brand new facility will be located on a major thoroughfare and will be built entirely by Growen Co. Inc. personnel. The building, grounds and signage will reflect the professional, pristine, and caring nature of our work. The central office for Growen Co. Inc. will be connected with each job by the latest hand-held communication technology, and will be accessible to our clients on a "real time" basis during work hours.

All divisions will use project managers, each of whom will be responsible for four jobs at a time. Estimators, on-site job supervisors, and coordinators, who will be responsible for labor and material deployment, will support each project manager. We will begin no job until all required components are on site or readily available for use. We will staff every job every day and complete each on time.

We will bring our vision to life through the careful implementation of systems at every level of the business.

Growen Co. Inc. will develop and thrive through unique marketing techniques, including the focused effort to target architectural professionals. This will put us in a preemptive position where we function as expert quality consultants. The targeted architectural professionals will become our greatest advocates, contributing to the majority of our new construction contracts to ensure our continued success. For the first 3 years of growth, we will devote 35% of our profits to our efforts to secure this target market.

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