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Michael Gerber: A Standing Ovation!

Wherever and to whomever Michael Gerber speaks, he brings the rafters down. But, audiences don't just rave about Michael Gerber, they remember him.

Because what he speaks about is revolutionary. Michael Gerber calls it "The Turn-Key Revolution," a stunningly original way to dramatically increase the performance and productivity of companies, managers, and salespeople--in fact, anyone in an organization, large or small.

Indeed, over the past four decades, "The Turn-Key Revolution" has produced some of the most profound--and unlikely--business successes the world has ever seen: McDonald's, The Body Shop, Disney, Federal Express, and hundreds more.

And that's what Michael Gerber speaks about: how to apply the brilliantly simple principles of "The Turn-Key Revolution" to any company or any individual who possesses the will and determination to grow and excel.

To Michael Gerber, great businesses understand the power of leverage, the power of the Turn-Key system, the power which comes from being able to produce extraordinary results through ordinary people.

Michael Gerber isn't just a speaker. He does the things he talks about.

As the Chairman of E-Myth Worldwide, the innovative multi-million-dollar consulting firm he founded in 1977, Michael Gerber and his staff have applied the principles of "The Turn-Key Revolution" to solve problems experienced by more than 20,000 small- and mid-sized client companies.

Marketing problems and sales problems. Production problems and financial problems. In short, the kind of problems every CEO and every president, every manager and every non-manager in every kind of company--no matter how large or small--experience day-in and day-out in this increasingly competitive world of ours. What Michael Gerber does is put those problems into a clearer perspective, and in so doing, reveals the way out.

What is the message your audience needs to hear now?

That's the message Michael Gerber will deliver. The following are just a few of the topics Michael Gerber has addressed with his audiences around the world:

  • Michael Gerber on Management:

    "There aren't any bad managers. There are only untrained managers, unmanaged managers, managers operating without a management system, managers expected to produce miracles without the right perspective and without the right tools and the right training.

    Anyone can become an effective manager who wants to, provided the right systems are in place. But no one can become an effective manager without those systems. Unless he or she is lucky, of course. But, we're not here to talk about luck."

  • Michael Gerber on Marketing:

    "The simplest approach to creating a powerful position in your matter what your business does, no matter where you do it.

    Great marketing is found in very few businesses. Great marketing comes from an understanding that every business has an opportunity to seize what I call "The Power Point," that specific place in the mind of its customers, its competitors, its employee, its suppliers, its shareholders, and its lenders and investors which distinguishes that business from every other business in the world. Knowing what that place is and how to fill it as fully as possible is what great marketing is all about."

  • Michael Gerber on The Entrepreneur:

    "The fact is that most people who start a business of their own aren't entrepreneurs. They're technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. And that's the problem.

    The technician who starts a business looking for independence builds the business around his or her own personal skills, and immediately goes to work. By anybody's definition, that's not a business but a job.

    The entrepreneur, on the other hand, creates a business that works successfully without the entrepreneur. Thought of in that way, the truly entrepreneurial personality invents a business that works in such a remarkably unique way that it is immediately differentiated from every other business in the world.

    Now, that's independence."

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