Company Name: Domaine Staging
About the business: Home staging
Location: North Carolina, USA
Owner: Marcyne Touchton
Year Founded: 2006
Number of Employees: 2
E-Myth Program: Group Mastery Impact!

This month we celebrate Group Mastery client Marcyne Touchton of Domaine Staging. Not only has she experienced a 200% growth in business this year, she was just selected as one of five new designers to join the “MyKirkland’s Designer Team.” Kirkland's is a leading specialty retailer of home décor in the U.S. and Marcyne will be a featured MyKirkland's designer offering tips and advice and showcasing her work for other home staging designers. Congratulations Marcyne and Domaine Staging!

About the Business

Domaine Staging™ is a Charlotte-area leader in the specialized service of home staging. Often featured as an expert source on real estate trends in news articles and TV segments throughout the region, Domaine Staging has staged more than $40 million worth of property since 2006 and has earned the trust of real estate agents, investors, builders and homeowners alike.

I am so excited and honored to represent Kirkland's as one of their top 10 MyKirklands Designers. Kirklands, a national home furnishing/gift store launched a contest to bring on five new Designers to their MyKirkland's Designer program. They chose 10 contestants after an intensive interview process, and then had their customers vote the top five — and I made it!

They just flew me and my fellow winners down to meet with the existing five MyKirkland's team from last year. We spent two days doing a photoshoot and a full day of training about what our new responsibilities are. Being a MyKirkland's Designer will be tremendous for my business in terms of exposure on a local and national level. Kirklands is equipped with a team of PR experts at headquarters as well as PR firms that are going to work within the Designer’s region as well. They do a great job engaging customers on their MyKirkland's website, including a dedicated discussion board for us to engage with devoted fans. They have many contests and promos with which we will actively engage and be a part of throughout the year. I’m so excited and honored!

When I came to E-Myth, I was the typical business owner going through the growing pains... A technician going through an entrepreneurial seizure. I knew I had to turn it around soon or throw in the towel.

As my time in the E-Myth Group Mastery coaching program comes to an end, I can look back and say that it is not for the faint of heart! I found it challenging to balance my time, doing the work in the program, running my business and at the same time being held accountable by my coach. It’s a lot to juggle for a full-time business owner! You have to set realistic expectations of what you want to achieve/accomplish and be disciplined enough to set time to work on your business while working in your business.

But I can say that now I feel like I am in complete control of my business - that I am strategically controlling the fate of my company. I no longer feel like the mouse in a wheel. In fact, my business grew about 200% last year!

— Marcyne Touchton, Founder and Principal Stager

+1 541.552.4600
United States