Company Name: Tri-Oak Commercial Group
About the business: Commercial Real Estate
Location: Georgia, US
Owner: Gregory Fitzgerald
Year Founded: 2006
Number of Employees: 4
E-Myth Program: Mastery Impact!®

Commercial real estate is a notoriously competitive industry and with the economy suffering, it can be a challenging environment for any entrepreneur. This month our hats go off to Gregory Fitzgerald of Tri-Oak Commercial Group, a Mastery Impact!® coaching client who felt the "winds of change" and reacted swiftly to make sure his business (and future businesses) came out on top.

About the Business

Tri-Oak Commercial Group is a commercial real estate investment brokerage firm with expertise in freestanding net lease retail properties and 1031 Exchange transactions. They provide specialized real estate investment services to owners, investors and developers throughout the US.

In late 2007, I saw a market shift coming and I realized that to keep Tri-Oak Commercial Group thriving, I had to commit to changing the way we do business. I'm also very entrepreneurial and driven toward financial freedom so in addition to Tri-Oak Commercial Group, I have a goal of creating six businesses, all of which will be industry transformers (and all will now be built on the E-Myth framework/foundation). But in order to achieve my goals, I really needed to learn how to build businesses “that work.” I’d hit a ceiling of complexity with my personal productivity and wanted to duplicate myself and how we do things.

Mastery Impact! has instigated several dramatic shifts in the Tri-Oak business model. First and foremost, I have nearly removed myself from the work of The Technician and this is directly a result of creating systems, standards and position pledges for much of what we do. We have also created an effective, consistent and standardized recruiting and hiring process. The Mastery Impact! program immediately helped provide clarity and direction leading to better communication and better results for everyone the business touches (clients, prospects, employees, & vendors).

It’s not an understatement to say that through this program, I have found my spirit. After I'd defined our Strategic Objective, established Key Strategic Indicators, and started regularly monitoring the results… I realized that “I can do this!

I have a clearer sense of direction and freedom. I was able to start seeing our business systemically, and the business and experience we aim to create has become my product, not the commodity service that we provide. My confidence in our abilities and future has gone up even in the face of huge head winds in our industry. My entrepreneurial capabilities and relationships have started to multiply and I am starting to work in my unique ability when I want to. The program filled a missing piece of my educational tool box and I am free to start creating a bigger future outside of just being an independent / sole practitioner.

— Gregory Fitzgerald, CCIM

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United States