Company Name: Firm Tech, Inc.
About the business: An Information Technology consulting firm
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Owner: David N. Boughter Jr., Eric D. Jordan, Ernesto T. Negron, R. Matthew Wadsworth
Year Founded: 2001
Number of Employees: 11
E-Myth Program: Mastery Impact!®

When Firm Tech Inc. started as an E-Myth client, they were a healthy business but lacked the quantification tools to measure and innovate their business. Working with their coach through the Mastery Impact!® coaching program, they got their financial house in order and implemented the systems to properly manage and analyze their Money center. The result: over the course of the Mastery program, they were able to document a gross profit increase of more than 18%.

We congratulate Firm Tech, Inc for putting the systems in place to strategically grow the business in alignment with their business goals.

About the Business

Firm Tech, Inc. builds, manages and optimizes customized, client-centric networks that are strategically tailored to meet an organization's specific business goals and requirements. They service the Southeastern US and specialize in vertical markets including legal and professional services firms, not for profit and hospitality companies.

After reading The E Myth Revisited each of us was convinced that we needed help getting our business to the next level, removing the tactical pressures of our company and creating a stable and predictable system for expanding to other markets.The concept of working with a company who’s specialty was doing exactly that and working directly with a single business coach answered the 'How do we do this' question for us.

We all had very similar reactions when we began analyzing our business and our routines as part of the Mastery program. It became apparent that 100% of our daily lives as business owners was spent on tactical issues and no time was spent on strategic concerns. We were all so busy keeping the 'plates spinning' thinking we were growing our business, but in reality we were only digging ourselves further into working in the business.

I feel that the most fundamental impact of the Mastery program is that we now think about every issue – be it tactical or strategic – as a system. Based on this thinking we can examine, quantify, revise and integrate systems instead of re-inventing the wheel every time.

As one of four owners, it has removed the 50-ton weight of doubt and uncertainty and replaced it with a clean, precise image of what Firm Tech will be and what is required to get to that point.

Honestly, after originally reading The E Myth Revisited, we discussed the possibility of doing it all ourselves. That really shows our tactical mindset at that time. After completing the program and reflecting back over the process, working with our Coach and E-Myth was the best decision we could have made. Our coach was always on-point, kept us thinking strategically and helped us keep our Primary Aim and Strategic Objectives in site. Knowing what we know now, we could not have done it by ourselves and we look forward to our continued work with E-Myth on more advanced mastery modules.

— David N. Boughter Jr., Co-Owner, Firm Tech, Inc.

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