Company Name: Tractor Beam Marketing
About the business: Super-creative marketing for enhancing your business!
Location: Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
Owner: Jake Bergen & James Rozak
Year Founded: 2009
E-Myth Program: Mastery Impact!®

Jake Bergen is not a typical client. He started the E-Myth Mastery Impact! program with the intent of working on his high-end furniture business. But as fate would have it, he decided to close the doors on that business and follow his passion to start a completely different business — a marketing company — one built right from the beginning on the E-Myth Point of View.

About the Business

Tractor Beam Marketing brings together highly experienced and out-of-the-box creative, technical and consulting expertise. The two main components of the business are 1) doing the actual creative, strategizing and marketing for companies that have specific needs, want to enhance their corporate image, and see the value in outsourcing all or part of their marketing; and 2) educating and providing how-to tactical knowledge and training for those do-it-yourself entrepreneurs who do not have the budget to outsource their marketing. A full education component will be launching in the spring of 2010 to provide others with the skills to effectively market their businesses out of the difficult economic climate.

Tractor Beam is on the cutting edge of technology and are skilled in an array of media types including social networks. They are quirky and fun to work with, and most importantly, make their clients stand out and get noticed!

I am probably a bit of an anomaly because E-Myth has helped me not only change my business, but helped me change the business I am in. I came to E-Myth as the President of Straightline Furniture & Interiors, a small mid-to-high-end furniture and home interior store with a focus on the design aspect of a home and bringing that to each customer we worked with. After a housing downturn and recession, I felt that my local community could not support a high-end furniture store in the current market. A continent-wide drop in big ticket item sales forced us to try to lower prices and find alternatives to the high-end customizable furniture we sold. Unfortunately in the ensuing economic crunch, people expected the same level of service from us but didn't expect to pay for it. This made the products a hard sell if we maintained high-end inventory, and made the products unsatisfactory if we lowered the quality and prices. Due to my own high level of commitment, I was torn about having to devalue what we had worked so hard to build. But even with the challenges in the economy I did not suffer as large of a sales downturn as many of my big-city competitors not too far away, in fact I still had slight growth in the last fiscal year.

I realized that my business was in transition. I was second guessing myself in a lot of the business decisions I was making, trying a lot of things to 'recession-proof' my business that were doing just the opposite, and was losing the passion that had got me into business in the first place. I think it was two days after completing the book [The E-Myth Revisited] that I contacted E-Myth about coaching.

E-Myth helped me rediscover the things that are important to me and also the things that drive me. I have learned about my strengths and built on them, and learned about my weaknesses and made those points stronger. Due to my aggressive and sometimes obsessive take on marketing and the customer experience, I have had people knocking on my door asking me about what I was doing, how to market creatively in a down economy, how to market using new methods like social media, and how to build a solid reputation like I have in our community. Due to this demand I started a consulting company called Tractor Beam Marketing that has quickly overtaken my time and passion, so I am now at the point of phasing one business out and phasing another in. Tractor Beam Marketing is generating a lot of interest and we are consulting with companies ranging from small two-employee operations to corporations with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales in a wide array of industries including oil & gas, home renovations, food and beverage and even charitable organizations.

Between reading the book and doing the program, I have had about a million "ah-ha" moments. They surprise me less now but they still happen frequently! Some of these include: working on the business as opposed to in the business all the time, time management and seeing how much of my time was being wasted during the course of a day, the power of putting ideas, goals, budgets, etc. down on paper in a format that made sense.

My E-Myth business coach has been incredible. She listens each week to my business milestones and challenges, and then we begin a dialogue that brings incredible insight, advice and ideas to the table. She gets me thinking on a higher level and I look forward to the experience each time we work together. To be quite honest, I am a real face-to-face business person, so I didn't think the level of communication achieved would be possible with a telephone call.

A lot of things I ran across in E-Myth I had thought about as things I should do, but I put them off due to perceived time constraints, fear of the unknown, and a feeling of inadequacy because they were unknowns and I was unsure how to approach them. But E-Myth confronted me with the importance of these issues, brought them to the surface, explained them, and gave me customizable systems to make each subject of concern work for my business.

If I am consulting with a client or potential client and they are facing a problem that E-Myth helped me deal with specifically and I don't have a copy of the book with me, I write the name of the book on one of my business cards as a necessary read with a solution to their problems. I have given out the book numerous times, have recommended it many times beyond that, I even had my banker read it and have recently had discussions on the book and the Mastery program with my insurance broker. The list goes on, but there are very few business conversations I have that I am not drawing on the valuable information learned and applied in the E-Myth Mastery Program.

I guess one of the things that I love most about the program is that it brought skills and potential to the surface that was in me all along, but that I needed to discover in a greater way. I will be forever grateful for the incredible life-enhancing experience that has been E-Myth Mastery.

— Jake Bergen, Marketing Director Tractor Beam Marketing

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