Company Name: Boothby Therapy Services
About the business: They provide speech and language and occupational therapy to schools.
Location: Laconia, New Hampshire, USA
Owner: Maren & Christopher Boothby
Year Founded: 1998
Number of Employees: 26
E-Myth Program: Mastery Impact!®

In 2008, during the course of the Mastery Impact! program, Boothby Therapy Services overcame a potentially business-closing situation and were able to turn it around into a positive, business-growing opportunity. The company had been built (and was thriving) based on the use of subcontractors. However, due to state employment regulations, they were faced with the hard truth that their subcontractor employment structure was no longer an option. Rather than allowing this drastic change in business structure to get the best of them, the Boothbys methodically went about using the tools and strategies they’d worked on with their E-Myth Business Coach to leverage their systems and transition from a subcontractor model to an employee model. This change had an impact on every area of their business, but because they had the right systems in place, they were able to negotiate the transition in a financially sound way that not only satisfied their “new” employees, but maintained the level of service their customers expected.

About the Business

Boothby Therapy Services’ mission is to help children succeed by providing the highest quality speech and occupational therapy to children in all grade levels across New England. Through partnerships with the finest clinicians, special education professionals, teachers and parents, Boothby Therapy Services meets the complex needs of unique children in all grade levels.

The unexpected legal transformation from subcontractor to employee forced our company to quickly implement all of the processes that E-Myth had taught us. What could be more central to a business than its actual business model? We had to re-think EVERYTHING from how we would retain staff, to the new profit margins needed to sustain this change. Thank goodness we had the financial data, problem solving and strategic thinking tools literally at our laptops that allowed us to implement a comprehensive plan that retained every one of our therapists (oops employees! ) and 100% of our contracts!

Mastery Impact! gave our business structure via systems. That structure has allowed us to look beyond our weekly "To Do" list and set the stage for the company to be independent of us. What a great feeling to hire our first manager knowing that her job was defined and specifically part of our larger goals. We just hired our second manager and continue to see opportunities for growth that are predicated upon our ability to solidify our systems and accurately forecast financial realities. I have lost count of the number of times that Maren and I have looked at each other and realized that the E-Myth Mastery Impact! program just paid for itself AGAIN!

At first the Mastery Impact! program provoked fear. We realized for the first time how vulnerable the company actually was. Take either of us out of the company through illness or accident, even for a short amount of time, and the company could literally fail. As we continued to complete the program we were able to address many of our system deficiencies immediately and over the course of the program have become more financially and programmatically solid.

We saved up all of our impossible problems for our E-Myth Business Coach! When you and your spouse own the business, you can feel very isolated. Our coach provided the neutral expert who would provide an honest assessment of both the challenge and solution. Our business coach didn't know anything about our business before we started the Mastery program, but by intensively working together over a year, we learned from each other. As business owner's we taught our Coach our business basics and he taught us the systemic thinking skills which will eventually free us from our business. I think Maren and I may have gotten the better end of that deal!

— Christopher Boothby

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