Company Name: Presta Pronto
About the business: Pawn Shops
Location: Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
Owner: Dr. Carlos Barraza Terrazas; Carlos Barraza Ruvalcaba; Stephany Barraza Ruvalcaba and Yadira Gallo
Year Founded: 2004
Number of Employees: 23 employees – across 6 Locations
E-Myth Program: Graduates of Spanish Mastery Impact!

Presta Pronto has been chosen as the E-Myth Client of the Month for embarking on a journey that truly reflects the heart of the E-Myth model - franchising! Now graduates from the Mastery Program, Dr. Carlos Barraza and his team were committed to creating change in their business and working through the challenges to reach their goal of creating strong, independent franchises. After joining the Mastery Program with little more than an idea of where to start with this process, they applied the E-Myth mindset and pressed forward. They currently have 6 locations.

About the Business

Started in July of 2004, Presta Pronto is a pawn shop located in the city of Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. Their standard offerings include items for purchase or trade, as well as granting personal loans. Their philosophy for lending is to assist customers through unforeseen circumstances and be available as an option for other day-to-day needs.


  • Personal loans
  • Purchase - sale of gold and silver jewelry
  • Purchase and sale of electronics and music, appliances, tools and sports equipment
  • Lay-aways of auction jewelry
  • USA Tourist Auto Insurance
  • Payment of utilities services
  • Payment of Airtime for mobile phones
  • Purchase - Sale of minted gold and silver

The inspiration for starting our business was the need in the community for a dependable and trustworthy place that people could visit, get what they needed and, at the same time, trust with their possessions.

When we decided to come to E-Myth the company was in a phase of stagnation. There was no growth and customer acquisition was slow. We wanted to move forward and expand in a systematic and orderly way, but we didn't have the tools to do so.

Now we have a clearer view into the future, there is a radical change in the mindset of all our staff. The way work is completed is far more orderly and systematic. The program contributed clearer boundaries and responsibilities for all the members through the Positions Contract Process. There is a team atmosphere and we all work according to the company's strategic objective. We started moving forward and continue to expand.

Working with an E-Myth coach is highly motivating. She was always on the lookout for our concerns and provided us with business ideas. The coaching sessions were dynamic and enriching. Right from the beginning as we discussed the Primary Aim; my perspectives about my life and my business began to shift. We now have a broader vision about the future of the business. We work systematically and pay more attention to our operating budget.

We aim to become the nationwide leaders in secured loans. We are in the process of creating a powerful business model to offer future franchisees an attractive and profitable option while holding a top market position and a recognizable brand. After the completion of E-Myth Mastery, we saw the possibility of continuing on with an old idea we had of franchising the business. With all that we had learned we thought we were ready to go to this next level and we did. We are currently in the final phase of the development of our franchise model.

We're confident also that this is just the beginning of several growth projects that we are planning.

We would like to thank the E-Myth for their dynamic and participatory advice and their help in the strategic planning of the business. It has greatly impacted our company culture. The staff is more involved in the processes that are being developed, more participatory and generously contribute their ideas for the continuous improvement of the company.

"Our main objective is to satisfy our clients’ needs through personalized attention and fast service in a friendly and courteous atmosphere. Our offices and branches have a distinct look and feel very similar to a bank branch."

— Dr. Carlos Barraza

+1 541.552.4600
United States