Company Name: Kukis By Maru
About the business: Retail Bakery
Location: Merida, Mexico
Owner: Maru Medina-Hollmann
Year Founded: 1994
Number of Employees: 18
E-Myth Program: Mastery Impact!

In 2009 Maru Medina-Hollmann, owner of Kukis by Maru a retail bakery in Mexico, faced an unusual business obstacle: the H1N1 outbreak. But it didnít impact her in the way you might think. Yes, she faced a momentary loss of business; but Maru turned it into opportunity. Rather than focusing on the negatives, she utilized her leadership skills to bring comfort and joy to her employees, customers and vendors in a time of crisis. Of course, she knew exactly what they needed: a big, chewy, yummy cookie served with humor, good will and a lot of care!

About the Business

Kukis by Maru is a retail bakery specializing in gourmet, fresh-baked goods. For Medina-Hollmann, baking cookies is a labor of love and that spirit is alive and well in every aspect of her business. Indeed she began selling baked goods in order to pay for the long-distance phone calls to her future Canadian husband. For 15 years, Kukis by Maru has been serving up "apapachando" which in English can be translated into "pampering." At Kukis the customerís sweet tooth is always catered to. But they donít just offer cookies, they offer an experience. They know your name, and they are always glad to see you. Itís a sweet business!

The H1N1 outbreak itself didnít really cause problems for us; it was more like the cherry on top of it all. On top of an already shaky economy, it hit everyone pretty hard. The whole country (except for supermarkets) was closed for three days in May — days that Mexicans typically travel and party. We have locations in the three malls that people visit when they come to Merida (while locals run for the beach) and Kukis has become a "must visit" if you are in town. That weekend we lost tens of thousands of much needed pesos!

Here is the thing: at the end of the day, the H1N1 outbreak actually helped me and my business! How? It gave me a unique opportunity to gather everyone on my staff for three full days. That turned out to be fantastic! You can not always choose the circumstances, but you do have the freedom to choose your attitude and how you react to those circumstances.

Since January, weíve held bimonthly meetings with our staff. Weíd just started developing systems after a wonderful "Key Frustration Process" meeting, but we couldn't go as fast as we wanted through the process! This three-day ďbreakĒ gave us time to revise, talk and ask the important questions. We did things like practice the "perfect ribbon-making technique" and we left with a wonderful, positive feeling from everyone. Iíve challenged them to help KuKiís become the oasis of optimism and good cheer that is so needed these days!

My E-Myth coach has always urged me to get everyone involved, but I would never have closed my stores in order to have a three-day seminar! Thanks to this situation, I got the unique opportunity to communicate with my staff as a group to talk about why and how things were changing to the E-Myth way. It was so good, that we had the best Motherís Day sale in four years! Everyone was in tune, trained, informed and self assured. And hereís the best part: I wasnít even there! I was in Vancouver!

— Maru Medina-Hollmann

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