Company Name: Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.
About the business: Retail chain for nature lovers
Location: Carmel, Indiana, USA
Owner: Jim Carpenter
Year Founded: 1981
E-Myth Program: Private E-Myth Seminar

This month we recognize Wild Birds Unlimited and company founder and CEO Jim Carpenter for creating a world-class franchise support system committed to the ongoing support, training and education of a network of more than 250 Wild Bird Unlimited store owners. With a dedicated franchise support staff of 38 people, and clearly documented and comprehensive systems to support the success of each store owner; the company exemplifies the power of a turnkey business. E-Myth had the honor of assisting in this training process by providing a half-day seminar at the company's 2009 annual conference attended by more than 200 store owners.

About the Business

Wild Birds Unlimited is the pioneer (and largest) franchise catering to the backyard bird-feeding hobbyist. Each retail location is owned by an enthusiast who believes that bird feeding is more than a hobby; it’s a way to connect with the outdoors and help the environment. The company offers high-quality bird food, feeders and birdwatching accessories. Began in 1981 with a single store, today, Wild Birds Unlimited has over 300 franchises throughout the US and Canada.

Video: Wild Birds Unlimited Founder

A Message From Founder Jim Carpenter

I made this video for Wild Birds Unlimited store owners to explain what E-Myth means to me, and how you will benefit from the E-Myth seminar.

E-Myth helped in two ways: One, it helped me understand the value of systems and how my franchise could develop these to benefit our store owners. Two, it helped me understand myself and what kind of staff I needed to complement my skills. Namely, I need managers and technicians.

The greatest impact of E-Myth came from understanding that no one innately knows how to grow a business. It is a learned skill and can only be learned if you first look at yourself and understand your own personality and goals. In other words, it’s normal that being in charge of a growing company is painful at times… You cannot possibly know how to do it effectively. You just need to keep at it until you learn how to do it.

Why I brought E-Myth to our annual conference

Our store owners are at the point where their enterprises are larger than their one-person-in-charge style. It is time for E-Myth to help them see the way to become the leader of an enterprise that meets — and hopefully exceeds — their goals. The seminar will be a revelation to them about the three personality types [Entrepreneur, Manager, Technician]. They will then understand why it is difficult to grow a business and what they can do to supercharge their growth — and have balance with their personal life at the same time.

— Jim Carpenter President & CEO Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

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