Company Name: M.A. Ramos & Associates, PC
About the business: Immigration Attorneys
Location: Laredo, Texas, USA
Owner: Tony Ramos
Year Founded: 1976
Number of Employees: 9
E-Myth Program: E-Myth Mastery coaching program

Marco A. “Tony” Ramos started the E-Myth Mastery coaching program with a booming business and a great staff yet some trepidation about how to grow his thriving immigration law business the right way. He thought that he wanted out; that the best option for him was to sell the business outright. But through his work in the Mastery program, he realized that he didn't need to get out, he just needed to bring on other attorneys who could take on the "lawyering," freeing Ramos to focus on the role he really loves: being an entrepreneurial business leader.

About the Business

M.A. Ramos & Associates, PC, provides personalized and quality representation, primarily with business and family-based immigration issues.

When I started the E-Myth Mastery coaching program, I was planning to grow my business substantially and I’d realized that my strengths were more as an entrepreneur and as a technician than in management. I do not enjoy, nor am I particularly strong in, a number of areas that require planning, budgeting, and similar necessary managerial and administrative duties. I also have struggled for a few years "stuck" as a technician and was even considering selling my law practice so that I could do what I enjoy and find more fulfilling, including locating, negotiating, purchasing, and structuring a business.

I was hoping E-Myth could help me grow in an orderly and proper manner so that I could eventually sell the business and do something I enjoy more.

When I worked my way through the Primary Aim process [part of the Leadership module], I listed “hire a lawyer” as the solution to several of my “barriers and limitations.” I had suspected this was a possible solution but the exercise made it obvious and freed me up psychologically to take immediate action to hire a lawyer.

In September I hired an attorney that I have realized to have been an excellent choice. When I started with E-Myth I already knew that I needed to hire an attorney but had not decided to stay and grow the business. I had been trying to hire someone who would eventually buy the practice which greatly limited my choices. Once I discovered that I could find fulfillment growing my own business I eliminated the criterion of selecting an attorney to those interested in eventually buying the practice. E-Myth coaching helped me realize that I could replace myself to do those things I wasn’t good at or didn’t enjoy doing!

That was a great day of discovery for me and gave me the hope of spending more of time as an entrepreneur and less as a technician and manager.

I now know how I will be freed up to do what I enjoy and find more fulfillment doing, I have more energy at work. I have the hope of being able to intelligently plan on hiring attorneys and staff so that the business can run without me. This will free me up to do other things I enjoy plus grow this business without necessarily practicing law. I am already able to spend more time on marketing and working my E-Myth assignments.

The primary improvement from E-Myth coaching has been to bring order to my ideas and dreams, making their achievement possible sooner and with less stress. Because of E-Myth's vast experience, I am convinced that I am being properly guided eliminating the otherwise trial and error process, with much less probability of success.

Thanks to my coach, I am facing issues that I didn’t want to deal with or wasn’t even aware of, that are necessary if I am to achieve orderly and sustained growth. He’s made me quantify generalities such as specifically projecting $2,000,000 in gross revenues within three years from approximately $900,000 projected for 2010. I have decided to hire three attorneys, seven assistants and move to a new location within this time period which will be required to achieve revenue goals. I had a general idea about these matters but E-Myth coaching has forced me to think through what I will actually need to make my plans become reality. I believe I am more likely to accomplish my business goals and also accomplish them in a shorter time frame thanks to E-Myth.

The Mastery program is helping me plan properly for this growth. It is guiding me to put systems in place that will allow me to be an absent owner yet confident that the business is running properly and can be adequately monitored.

— Tony Ramos

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