Company Name: Good Deal Magazine
About the business: Direct Mail Advertising
Location: Home Office-Anchorage, AK
Owner: Rob Clem, Brenda Robertson, Dan Watson
Year Founded: 2003
Number of Employees: 6
E-Myth Program: Mastery Impact!®

What’s an ideal client look like? Look no further than Good Deal Magazine. During their work in our Mastery Impact! program, they enthusiastically dedicated themselves to re-organizing and re-energizing their business.

The result? A healthy new outlook and key business metric improvements including increased gross annual revenues, cash and operating efficiency. They increased their staff by 30% and increased sales by 36.4%!

About the Business

Good Deal Magazine is an online and print publication that connects buyers and sellers in the greater Anchorage, Alaska area.

A friend recommended that we read The E-Myth Revisited and while we read it, it seemed like every business problem that Michael Gerber mentioned was describing our business. At the time our business was five years old and it occurred to us that we were not going to grow without outside help.

We started a Mastery Impact! a year ago and now we have a definite goal and a real plan to get there. We’ve been able to bring on employees and our sales are up 36.4% since this time last year. The look of our magazine has changed dramatically, from just another coupon book to a first-class publication that our advertisers can be proud to be a part of.

As we discovered who our most probable customer was and changed the way we did business to fill their perceived need, it made for happier clients and has started to attract more upper-end clients. If I had to narrow it down to just one thing that has changed for us, I’d have to say its spending time just working on the business. Devoting time to nothing else, but making Good Deal Magazine better each day has made a big difference.

Over the course of the Mastery Impact! program we were asked questions that we did not know the answer to at the time. And that made us ask ourselves; “How have we been able to run our business without knowing the answer to that?!” It started with the very first lesson when we went through our “Primary Aim,” it was amazing and set the tone for the whole course. That was the first of many times when we thought; “How have we survived without knowing this?” And now that we do have a Primary Aim, it has made working on our business more enjoyable than ever before.

Our coach was prepared, professional, knowledgeable, personable, and has a genuine interest in the success of and growth of our business. We had many discussions about business decisions that ended with; “Let’s get our coach’s feedback.”

The program has made me a much more confident business owner. I spent five years as a salesperson with a business idea. Since E-Myth, my business partners and I know we have the knowledge to run our company like real professionals and now have the capability of opening new markets for our publication across the county.

When you take Mastery Impact!, the first thing you find out is how little you really know about running a business. When you’re done, you have the knowledge and direction it takes to grow your business as big as you want to make it. I have already told several business owners to call E-Myth. The investment in E-Myth was probably the best business decision we have made to date.

— Rob Clem, Vice President

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