Company Name: Trek Bicycle Stores
About the business: Bicycle Retail
Location: Estero, Naples & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Owner: Joseph & Jane Du Bois, Marc Lubin
Year Founded: 2006
Number of Employees: 30
Achievement: Voted Top 50 Trek Dealer, voted Top 100 Bicycle Retailer
E-Myth Program: Mastery

A Rewarding Trek

by Joseph Du Bois

After working in the bicycle retail industry for a while, Jane and I knew we wanted to own our own bicycle company. We wanted to create something that could positively affect people.

Though we had years of experience working in the industry, none of our previous bosses ever included us in the inner workings - the business side of bicycle retail. They always seemed to keep that information very private.

When we opened up our first location, the store just took off. We both knew enough to admit to ourselves that we didn’t really know how to run a world-class company.

In order for us to achieve our goals and dreams, we were going to have to change and grow. So we invested in business coaching.

Before starting Mastery, I was always working IN the business and barely spending anytime working ON it. I guess you could sum up my feelings in one word - frustrated.

The first six months were quite an adjustment, from the way we communicated with everyone in the organization to how we started approaching problems with a different mindset.

Now that we’ve been through Mastery, we still work the same amount of hours, but those hours are spent strategically. We work ON the business far more than we work IN the business.

Our revenues have increased each year and, more importantly, we have fine-tuned our business model to see our net profits grow 50% since we started the program. Our cash flow has greatly improved as a result.

Another area that has improved tremendously is our employee retention. Through E-Myth we have been able to refine our hiring process to increase our employee success rate right from the beginning.

The first thing our E-Myth coach did with us was help us define what it is we really want out of our business and, more importantly, our lives. We were each able to define our own Primary Aim. This has been a beacon of light throughout these past two years.

We have experience working with another business coaching company and the experience between it and E-Myth is night and day. Our E-Myth coach sincerely cares about us and our business. He wants to make sure that our meeting is complete even if it means going beyond our scheduled meeting time. This means a lot to us considering the other company was quick to end our session when the time was up, no matter what we were in the middle of discussing.

We always knew we wanted to build a world-class company which would be the vessel to positively affect people through the beauty of bicycles. It was also important to us to create an environment where our team members could create a great life for themselves.

We just celebrated our five year anniversary and we feel like we are beginning to gain momentum. The sky is the limit to us.

I wanted to go with E-Myth sooner but the cost of the program was hard to justify so we decided to go with a less expensive competitor. It was a one year commitment that we did not extend when it was over.

After only one month with E-Myth, we knew it was a superior program that was worth the increased cost. It might sound like a lot for a new business, but what you will gain will far outweigh the initial expense.

"Our revenues have increased each year and, more importantly, we have fine-tuned our business model to see our net profits grow 50% since we started the program."
— Joseph Du Bois,
Owner of Trek Bicycle Stores of Estero, Naples & Ft. lauderdale

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