Company Name: gabriel.ryan.photographers
About the business: Wedding Photography
Location: Southern California
Owner: Gabriel Davis & Carlie Davis, husband & wife
Year Founded: 2007
Number of Employees: 2
E-Myth Program: E-Myth Group Mastery

As Valentine's Day reminds us this month, love is a precious and wonderful thing. We thought it only fitting to recognize E-Myth Group Mastery client gabriel.ryan.photographers whose business helps people find a place where they know they are loved. Not only has this boutique wedding photography business realized a 70% growth in sales since joining the program, they've also hit the big time by being featured in Real Simple magazine's 2011 wedding book.

About the Business

A boutique photography studio, gabriel.ryan.photographers serves newly engaged couples in search of a wedding photographer that cares about them and their story. They create a collection of images for each of their clients that will serve as a reminder for them, not just of the events of their wedding day, but a reminder of a place deep in the heart of their relationship, where they know they are loved.

When I sought out help from E-Myth, I was inspired to create a reliable business, where I could hone my craft... somewhere I could actually BE the entrepreneur I had always dreamed of. However, that dream seemed rather far off.

I had started my business part-time, quit my day job just six months after doing so, only to return to full-time work in a cubicle and part-time work on my business just months after taking "the plunge" because I had simply not accounted for all the costs of running a business (including paying myself enough to provide for me and my new wife, Carlie).

After another six months back behind a desk (and a lot of working in and on my business) I quit my day job a second time in continued pursuit of my dream. When I sought help from E-Myth, I was ready to create a solid business, so that I would never again have to yo-yo back and forth between part-time and full-time business entrepreneur.

Up until Mastery, I would look for quick answers to my questions about life and business, hoping the answer was already out there. It’s taught me to ask the right questions.

Now, after a year with my incredible coach, I am undeniably clear on what it is, exactly, that makes me feel alive personally and what kind of business, very specifically, I must create to give me that freedom to simply be me. Before Mastery, I would make guesses about what I thought I wanted my life and business to look like. Now, I know.

a wedding photo

The Mastery program has helped me get really clear on what I want for me and my business, to the point where I have it all written down. In fact, I have even started my own wiki, which serves as a type of "company handbook" for our business. Part of my goal for my business is to grow our client base and our team, which will free Carlie and me up to simply take photos, do the strategic work of our business, and raise our now 15-month-old son, Lincoln.

From a very practical standpoint, the Mastery program has helped me articulate the vision for our business, and has given me the tools to create a plan to achieve that vision. More specifically, in the 12 months working the Mastery program, sales increased by more than 70%!

During the course of the program, I have made some very practical changes, including moving our workspace outside of the home, which has helped separate and balance work from my personal life. Additionally, because I know WHAT work needs to be done, I am not quite as frantic as I was when I was unclear on what work needed to be done in my business.

We were recently selected to have our work featured, as one of only 10 real weddings in Real Simple magazine's annual wedding book, on magazine stands all 2011. This last year was also quite exciting, as I was asked to speak on tour to other wedding and portrait photographers, as a part of Showit's "Free to Succeed" tour.

— Gabriel Davis

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United States