Company Name: Titanium Ant, LLC
About the business: International IT Consulting and Technology Management company
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Owner: Kevin Hoang & Marshall Van Beurden
Year Founded: 2005
Number of Employees: 20
E-Myth Program: Leadership Intensive Seminar & Mastery Impact!®

In December 2008, Titanium Ant LLC was recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal and the University of Washington Foster School of Business as the Second Fastest-Growing Minority-Owned Business in Washington State. Titanium Ant LLC made the list for achieving a 755% revenue growth between 2005 and 2007.

About the Business

Titanium Ant is a leading IT Consulting and Technology Management company based in Seattle. Serving businesses of all sizes, including non-profit and government organizations, Titanium Ant brings IT services to non-technical business decision makers, helping them gain control over their IT systems. Focused on delivering their services in “plain English,” they strategically assist clients in meeting their business goals through the appropriate use and management of technology.

There’s a significant difference in our business strategy and team cohesion since starting with E-Myth. In addition to my co-founder Marshall Van Beurden and managing director Raymond Williams, I consider our E-Myth Coach one of our core team members. She’s had a really big impact on taking us from our second to third year of business.

E-Myth has helped us organize in a way that allows us to focus on what we love to do, to apply that passion back to the business. We’re using the tools, we’re thinking more systemically and the three of us [the executive team participating in the Mastery Impact! program] are focused on the same area of the business whereas before we all had our separate visions. Now, every time we make a big decision, we aren’t panicked. We have the time to allocate resources, to plan... to forecast things better.

In 2009 we’re expanding into three other business areas. For the size that we are right now, this is a significant accomplishment and it’s our organizational structure that allows us to branch out internationally with off-shoring and business continuity solutions.

In all areas of our business, we have a clear vision. We are observant of the economic trends and we can adapt. The “best practices” we’ve learned from the E-Myth program have helped us a lot.

— Kevin Hoang, CEO, Titanium Ant

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