Company Name: Exhibipop
About the business: Designer and builder of professional exhibition displays
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Owner: Enrique Moctezuma and Silvia Moctezuma
Year Founded: 2005
Number of Employees: 33
E-Myth Program: E-Myth Mastery Spanish

Rapid growth is good right? Well yes, but as E-Myth Mastery client Enrique Moctezuma and his sister Silvia Moctezuma found out with their family-run company Exhibipop, a growing business presents a whole new world of challenges — especially in an uncertain economy. It's how you respond to the challenges that can make or break your business.

This month we celebrate Enrique and Silvia for recognizing when they needed help, for taking control of their business and for systematically going about growing their business the right way.

About the Business

Exhibipop began providing exhibition services and products to publishing companies in 2005 but soon extended its creative services to the food, confectionery and personal care markets. The company designs and produces high-quality, custom promotional displays, floor stands, standees and more.

In 2007 and 2008, we experienced rapid growth and all the benefits that came with it; but at the same time it presented problems that we weren’t prepared for.

We faced a high employee turnover rate and key positions for our daily operations couldn’t be filled fast enough. The result was that we had to jump back into the business as Technicians, getting involved in the tactical work that needed to be done leaving very little time for our families or life outside of work. It became stressful to handle the multitasking and really, the survival of the business was at risk.

That’s when we started looking for ways to reorganize and systematize our processes and establish a better structure in the company. We evaluated our options and ultimately, concluded that the E-Myth Mastery program was the best option to support us in our quest to regain control of our growing business.

Having a coach has allowed us to work in a disciplined way. She helped us translate theoretical concepts into concrete actions for the company and challenged our own limitations and paradigms. Her contributions, experience and knowledge helped us re-focus our efforts to obtain better results in our organization.

The program is marvelously designed to allow you to work in a disciplined, constant and assertive way. It has allowed us to improve the quality of our communication and how we work toward a common goal. It’s helped us to develop our managerial abilities.

First and foremost, E-Myth Mastery has allowed us to define a clear Strategic Objective to guide our efforts and the growth of our company…and our people. It’s expanded our vision and given us:

  • The ability to focus on systems and on the results; not just on people’s performance.
  • Our managers understand the results we’re seeking and what’s necessary to reach them, as well as the work and standards required.
  • Our organizational structure has been reinvented and consequently, our values have been re-defined.
  • Meetings are more focused and effective; turning the time into something more valuable and productive.
  • And, thanks to the fact that our actions now follow the principles of this new paradigm, we’ve been able to start a new company which we will develop under the E-Myth philosophy.

We believe that the E-Myth Mastery Program is the best investment a business can make. It relieves the burden and stress of looking for results on your own and helps you obtain business results in a structured and predictable manner. If you want to grow your company (and not just create more work for yourself) the E-Myth Mastery program can give you the systems and leadership tools that will make that happen.

I went from being a juggler, who was constantly in fear of dropping the ball and making a fatal mistake for the company, to being the creator of the cogs in the business wheel. Now my business works as a system, orchestrated by a team that I only watch and redirect if necessary.

— Enrique Moctezuma, Director General

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