Company Name: Expert Allocation Services Inc.
About the business: Oil & Gas Consulting
Location: Alberta, Canada
Owner: Wayne Olson and Marion Smith-Olson
Year Founded: 2000
Number of Employees: 1
E-Myth Program: Group Mastery Impact!

In many ways, Wayne Olson exemplifies the entrepreneur who felt that his business was dependent on him selling his personal expertise—his 30 years of experience in the oil and gas business. Through his work in the Group Mastery Impact! program, Wayne began to see that even in his niche business, a lot of what he does is routine and indeed systematizable. He has made amazing strides toward turning his company into a truly scalable business and recently hired his first employee.

About the Business

Expert Allocation Services Inc. is a private consulting company that provides expertise for oil and gas companies engaged in joint venture operations in Canada and around the world. The company offers a full slate of services relating to the allocation or sharing of common stream production from oil and gas facilities governed by joint venture or production sharing agreements both domestically and internationally.

I came to the Group Mastery Impact! program knowing that I was drawing on my 30 plus years experience in the industry to start and run my own company. As I moved through the program, it reinforced the fact that the knowledge I need to be successful has always been there — within me — it was just obscured by the day-to-day technician work I’ve been doing as sole employee in the company.

The group coaching environment of the program brought varied perspectives to each exercise and activity that allowed everyone in the group to feed off of; allowing us to see beyond our own narrow view of our company. Our coach floated different perspectives for us to consider, ideas that provide a basis for moving forward or opening the door to new or alternate opportunities. The various perspectives that both he and the group brought were real eye openers for me. I had to move from my perspective to another to understand the various presentations.

A key element for me is realizing that I have within me the ability to grow the company and to effectively become “unstuck” in that narrow view. I can get on the road to growth within a controlled framework, while maintaining a proper focus on operating the company.

Group Mastery Impact! has taken the fear out of business growth. I was afraid that I would become a manager or top-level executive dealing with nothing more than mundane management aspects of the company while others were doing all the fun stuff. I worried that I would not have enough time left to get involved as the technician if the company grew too much or too fast. I now know that I can grow beyond my small organization; I control how far I want the company to go at any given point in time.

The knowledge and tools garnered from this program will be the foundation for the proper growth of my company over the next few years. It has broadened my perspective. Many things that I thought were not achievable in a simple manner are, in fact, more achievable in a way that is quite simple. I have learned that when I focus on taking care of the business; the business will take care of me.

One of the surprising realizations I had was that my business can really be “franchised;” a perspective I did not have a year ago when I started the program. There are always ways to systemize — it’s just a matter of finding the right way and not going overboard. Now I have intentions of moving from the single person operating entity that I was last year to a company with a several more employees or sub-contractors over the next few years.

— Wayne Olson President, Expert Allocation Services

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