Company Name: The Glenside Hotel
About the business: Small Hotel - Great Restaurant & Bar - Busy Wedding Venue
Location: Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland - N+53.68887, W-6.29932
Owner: Ronan McAuley
Year Founded: Hotel founded in 1970 - Ronan Purchased in 2003
Number of Employees: 39
E-Myth Program: E-Myth Mastery Focus

As most of you can testify, the economy has created a difficult environment for businesses to thrive in. This is the case for countries all over the world, especially in Ireland where the hotel industry in particular has been hit extremely hard. That is why we are honoring Ronan McAuley this month. Ronan, in spite of the difficulties, persists in growing his business, has a clear vision, and has been able to communicate that vision with such inspiration that his bank has given him 3 different loans in the midst of the economic chaos. Why? Because Ronan is a realist. He has the financials to show what he has accomplished and where he is going - it shows what is possible. He has vision and goals and the bank gets that about him. Ronan lives the E-Myth Point of View and has prevailed even when the circumstances are against him. He is a great example for business owners across the board.

About the Business:

The Glenside Hotel was built in the 1970's and has had various owners over the past few decades. The business has remained similar in size and has always provided its guests with great food and a warm welcome. The hotel is primarily a food business - accounting for up to 70% of turnover. Facilities include a very popular Restaurant and Bar which caters for 100 guests and a wedding venue for up to 200 guests.

I grew up beside a small family run hotel - my first job was in another family run hotel close to where I lived and when it came time to decide a college career, I chose hotel management. After college, I joined the largest hotel group in Ireland and had a great career there in a variety of management positions; both in hotel operations and finally as head of IT for the group. As with all careers in large corporates, while it presented great opportunities - it also provided great frustrations. So I decided 10 years ago to the day to take the step of starting out on my own. It has been interesting!

When I bought the hotel, it was an interesting time - business in Ireland was booming. I purchased what was then a great business with a solid customer base. It was already being run by a good team. The physical product however was tired and in need of investment. So I did just that, and reaped the rewards. The turnover and profits jumped over 50%. After 5 years of owning the hotel, my plan was to try and sell the business, but then the recession hit and this was not an option. I was working through a new 5 to 10 year plan and the need to systematize the business was screaming to be done. So I started a project to do just that. I had figured out that while I needed to implement some new computerized systems, there were not any on the market that could cater for my needs in one package, so I decided to develop my own. I hired a trainer and developer to help me and, after a few months working together, she suggested that I read E-Myth Revisited. She said that by chapter 3 I would think Michael Gerber was writing about me - she was right! I proceeded to download all his audio books and listened to the podcasts that were available back then. As I listened and thought about it, I realized that I would need help to do what needed to be done. We all need help in certain aspects of our business – no one is good at every area - so I went online and made contact with E-Myth and enrolled in the coaching program.

From my point of view, the program has given the hotel an objective – a road map – a very important Strategic Objective that I read on a regular basis. When I was in my corporate life I was always making roadmaps and project plans but I had never applied this to my own hotel. I thought the business was too small and too simple – this was my biggest mistake! Realizing the importance of applying all the ingredients of E-Myth to the hotel has given me a new lease of life and the hotel a fresh energy. I never really let the hotel be a reflection of me, but by the end of this year it will be a mirror image. I have a huge amount of energy now to accomplish the things that need to be done in the business as well as my personal interests and life at home.

Communication has improved dramatically and an overall sense of where we are going and what needs to be done to get there has been achieved. I am constantly looking at situations from an E-Myth point of view - when there are problems, solutions are found and systems put in to ensure they don’t occur again. E-Myth is factored in to our weekly meetings in some capacity and all of the team at work are aware of the E-Myth point of view.

I jokingly call my coach “My Business Therapist”. He is fantastic, a great listener and an experienced mentor who positively guides me through everything that needs to be done. I needed a coach and now that I have one, I look at my friends in business and realize we all need a coach. At this point in the program I have found him to be invaluable. Having a coach sets deadlines so you don’t let the day to day stuff get in the way of achieving the bigger picture.

I now know what I need to do to be a good leader. I believe that anyone who has started their own business has some leadership skills to begin with; otherwise they would probably not have done what they have done. Having said that, you must work on yourself in all areas of development in order to achieve the skills necessary to be a great leader and great business person. E-Myth has the format and modules that have allowed me to do just that. I now, for the first time in years, have a plan - for all aspects of my life. And since I have taken the time - and with the help of my coach – to put together that plan, things are starting to happen.

The immediate future here is going to be tough if I am to be honest; mainly because of the economy in Ireland and its effect on the sector I am in. However, as I have completed over a year of E-Myth-ing the hotel, I am not threatened by the tasks ahead. For the first time since starting, I have my systems in place to assist me in dealing with what needs to be done during these challenging times. I am optimistic that if we continue on the path that we have set, we will make it through and be in a very strong position in the not-so-distant future. I can see that I will have a business that will run without me carrying all the day to day decisions. This is not something that I would have thought possible a few years back.

If you are reading this and you have a cynical side – just like I did a year or so ago – take it from me, send the email today and get on with it - you will never look back.

— Ronan McAuley

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