Company Name: Vorst Builders, Inc.
About the business: Quality, custom residential construction
Location: Findlay, Ohio, USA
Owner: John Vorst, Beckie Vorst, & Chad Vorst
Year Founded: 1980
Number of Employees: 12
E-Myth Program: E-Myth Mastery Program®

Increased efficiency. Better communication. A new perspective. These are just a few of the things clients John Vorst, Beckie Vorst, & Chad Vorst now bring to their family-run residential construction business; Vorst Builders, Inc. in Ohio. Taking advantage of a temporary slow period, the Vorsts enrolled in the E-Myth Mastery Program to be prepared for when things picked up. Now that the company is “the busiest” they’ve ever been; all their hard work has paid off with new level of communication and efficiency.

About the Business

Vorst Builders, Inc. is a small family-run construction company with a long-standing tradition of quality. They offer custom home design services and have more than 25 years of construction experience. They're motto: "We don't just build homes we build friendships!"

When we started the Mastery program, we were going through a slow period and re-arranging some of the things we were doing. John’s son who was already an E-Myth client for his own construction business, gave us the E-Myth CDs and when we listened to them, we realized that there was some pretty powerful information in there. It just seemed like a good fit at the right time for us.

Working with our coach made us realize that a lot of the information between the three of us (John, Beckie and me) wasn’t being communicated to the rest of the company. We found that the more you share... the more you communicate with the guys out in the field, well, the smoother things go.

That’s when we started developing systems; both in the office and out in the field. We didn’t have any systems before. We’d typically spend our mornings running around trying to find everything we needed and then we’d forget something so somebody would have to run back to the office, which could add an hour or two to the job.

Before we started the Mastery Program, this was just a job. I came to work everyday to do a job. But now I think about the business with a whole new perspective. I know what it means to work on the business and that perspective has changed everything for me.

– Beckie Vorst

Now we get together the day before to talk about what we’re going to do the next day. We know that we’ll be sending some guys here and some guys there; one of the crews might be working on generators and one of them might be working on footers. Now it’s so easy; we just pull out our system for that particular job. The guys have an actual list of materials for each system which gets them off to the right start. When they come in the morning, they already know what equipment they need and what they’ll be doing.

Now that the crew is catching on and seeing that systems work, we’re going to have the crew come up with their own systems and help with fine-tuning. We’re fortunate that our guys are willing to—and look forward to—giving their input.

Systems like these have really reduced the frustration level and put every body in a better mood. Plus, when you can cut an hour and a half out of a four hour job, that’s a big deal to your bottom line.

— Chad Vorst

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