Company Name: focus direct Management Consultants
About the business: Boutique Executive Search and Selection Firm
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Owner: Jennifer Randive
Year Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 6
E-Myth Program: E-Myth Mastery Program

Jennifer Randive is a dynamic E-Myth leader. She started the Mastery Program with a clear understanding that to implement or create anything new in her business, she needed to change her mindset. She knew that change started with her. We commend her for embracing that idea and breaking barriers with her passion and dedication. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, she has established focus direct Management Consultants as a major player in the executive recruitment field. Her monthly revenues continue to grow steadily, she’s added quality employees and her business has become more automated. All that, and now she’s set her focus on opening her next location.

About the Business

focus direct Management Consultants is a boutique executive search and selection company based in Dubai.

At the time I decided to enroll in the E-Myth Mastery Program, I had a dream to franchise my business. But I was all over the place and found myself burning the midnight oil. After a while I felt exhausted, overwhelmed and alone. I needed someone to be my guide / coach with the business area of my life. I wanted to formulate structure that worked like a well-oiled machine, and I wanted my businesses to work for me.

The Mastery Program has turned my instincts and experience into a process, and the process works like magic! The process is visited and revisited to see how it can be modified to serve everybody involved: the consultant, client, candidate and ME—all at the same time.

It has created six parts of me (my employees), the more the merrier. We’re all talking, eating and breathing the true essence of me and what I want from my business as the Entrepreneur, thus freeing up my time for strategy. Freeing me to decide where the ladder has to rest as a leader instead of me being caught up with climbing the ladder as a technician.

The program has really streamlined my business and it permeates down to three areas: clarity, quality and speed. It brings out the laurels of what I intended for my business when I started it: CLARITY to ensure we were clear with what our clients wanted, which in turns established the QUALITY of candidate we present to them, which results in the SPEED of our delivery all the time, every time. Only now, the process is more systemic and more of an art form.

  • Having systems to do everything brings about clarity. The clarity to find the perfect match of talent for our clients, there is no ambiguity anymore!
  • Systems ensure that there is quality.I can now effectively do a “knowledge transfer” to my team so they can help the clients and the candidates alike. Systems allow all of them to experience a win-win situation. It empowers my team to take action to move in effective and efficient ways for themselves and for the business. They feel important, and they feel empowered which results in success throughout the company.
  • Systems also determine the speed in which we deliver the quality that we are known for. It has helped me look into our existing service systems to ensure the process of serving the clients and candidates results in a great experience for all concerned. The implementation of systems has helped resolve bottlenecks that wasted time before.

What has this program done for me? It’s given me processes, systems, systems for systems, heart, and passion for what I do. It’s showing me the way to move from a technician to an entrepreneur. And it’s an awesome transformation. Sometimes I do have to oscillate between technician, manager and entrepreneur, but now it is my choice!

We’ve had a saving and revenue generation increase of 20% since we started with Mastery in March of 2010. Looking forward in the Mastery program, I intend to focus on franchising by the first quarter of 2012. I want to share the process of how we do search and selection with the rest of the world so more people can grow their business by having the right people on board to do outstanding work.

What I have learned is to continuously be a student. As you learn, implement and see the results there is always a new and better way for enhancing what you do. Change is constant, changing is a choice. E-Myth Mastery has validated what I believed in, and more so showed me the way to implement. The implementation is key to succeed.

— Jennifer Randive

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