You Can't Accomplish Great Things Without the Help of Others

Working with my E-Myth coach provided just the right guidance, clarity, and accountability. It made me a more confident leader. For a committed business owner/entrepreneur, the Mastery Impact! process combined with an effective E-Myth Business Coach puts your business development on steroids — it really packs a punch! You cannot accomplish anything great without the help of others and my E-Myth Business Coach will forever be a part of my future success.

What a Difference a Year Makes!

I have accomplished more in one year with the E-Myth than I could have possibly imagined! The education, tools and experience serve my Primary Aim every day… and will for the rest of my life. It’s not an understatement to say that through this program, I have found my spirit.

I have a clearer sense of direction and freedom. I was able to start seeing our business systemically, and the business and experience we aim to create has become my product, not the commodity service that we provide. My confidence in our abilities and future has gone up even in the face of huge head winds in our industry. My entrepreneurial capabilities and relationships have started to multiply and I am starting to work in my unique ability when I want to.

I am already free to start pursuing additional business opportunities and partnerships, and great people want me to work with them on bigger business opportunities. I have a goal of creating six businesses, all of which will be industry transformers (and all will now be built on the E-Myth framework/foundation).

I have accomplished more in one year with the E-Myth than I could have possibly imagined! The education, tools and experience serve my Primary Aim every day… and will for the rest of my life.

I'm an Entrepreneur with an MBA but…

I am very entrepreneurial and driven toward financial freedom. I have an MBA, business experience and I’m very systematic, but I’d never been taught the meaning of systemic thinking until the Mastery Impact! program.

Prior to E-Myth, I felt like I was hitting a ceiling of complexity as a business owner/entrepreneur — feeling the law of diminishing returns. I felt like I was achieving the same and making less. I was bogged down by technical work — tied to my email & phone.

I was also feeling frustrated by our company’s inconsistency and inability to “deliver the promise.” It got to the point where I was beginning to feel afraid about selling and converting leads because I wasn't sure we could deliver the promise. We weren’t able to differentiate between backstage and front stage systems — not sure how to create a “Disney” like experience.

Dramatic Shifts in Our Business Model

When I saw a market shift coming, I realized that to keep Tri-Oak Commercial Group thriving, I had to commit to changing the way we do business.

Mastery Impact! has instigated several dramatic shifts in the Tri-Oak business model. First and foremost, I have nearly removed myself from the work of the technician. I realize now that there is more out of life than being a great technician. I understand what it means to get out of the “rat race” and the value in not just “doing it, doing it, doing it.” I am replacing myself as the technician to start strategically selling the company and our unique value/experience as a whole.

This freedom came as a direct result of creating systems, standards and position pledges for much of what we do. We have also created an effective, consistent and standardized recruiting and hiring process. The Mastery program immediately helped provide clarity and direction leading to better communication and better results for everyone the business touches (clients, prospects, employees, & vendors).

I have no doubt that the business will continue to improve and grow at a much faster rate because everything is pointing towards a unified goal, our Strategic Objective.

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