Kimberly: Our coach helped us develop the skills to find qualified people insuring that an applicant is a "good match" for our business. Our recruiting and hiring systems became one of the most important drivers for growth in our business.

Building a Client-Centric Business

Katherine: E-Myth gave us the tools to become very client-centric (in a financially healthy way!), which had been our goal when we opened our business. When we closed the second location and improved this one, we actually greatly expanded our customer base because we were better meeting their needs.

Kimberly: We really struggled with a common problem in the fitness industry: getting clients to stay beyond a couple of lessons. With the help of our coach, we brainstormed and came up with the idea of an "After Eight system" which provides a system for monitoring the studios' ability to meet clients' needs. Now, even long-term clients are routinely -- but informally -- surveyed to find out if their needs are being met. Our clients continually buy packs of lessons, so we take this as a good sign!

Katherine: We also discovered that many clients wouldn't complain about service, they just wouldn't come back. Our coach helped us view this "problem" as an "opportunity!" If we knew why they weren't returning, we would have the opportunity to solve the problem. Through the After Eight system and client fulfillment systems developed with help from the E-Myth program, we now have a huge influx of new clients, we keep the current ones longer, and we have daily reports to quantify the results that we're getting.

Katherine:Before we opened, all we did was plan for the business, but as we got busier and busier, we didn't spend as much time planning because we quickly fell into doing, doing, doing. Now, we spend consistent time ‘planning and plotting' as we call it. This, and everything else we've learned with E-Myth, has greatly impacted the quality of our lives.

Our approach to the business emotionally has changed dramatically...We both attribute this change 100% to our E-Myth coach.

Turning What We Love Into a Business

Katherine: We were professional dancers in addition to having corporate backgrounds. When we discovered Pilates, we loved it and dreamed about opening a studio of our own…

Kimberly: Even though we both had graduate degrees, we had trepidations about opening and running our own business. For the first year, we did not even have an office and we were working crazy hours.

Katherine: We grew so fast -- too fast, actually. We had no way of planning for the peaks and valleys of the business. We also had no escape from the business because it was dependent on us to run it.

Enter E-Myth

Katherine: I realized that business school doesn't necessarily teach you how to run an atypical business -- like a Pilates studio -- where client fulfillment is so vital. A friend recommended The E-Myth Revisited, and the book made so much sense to me that I decided I wanted to do the coaching program that E-Myth offers.

Kimberly: I knew I wanted things to be different, but I was too swamped and too tired to take on one more thing. Katherine finally convinced me to read the book and join her in the program, and it's made a tremendous difference.

With the Help of Our Coach

Katherine: Our approach to the business emotionally has changed dramatically since we began. We both attribute this change 100% to our E-Myth coach. We both tend to be more "people people" rather than "numbers people" and we naturally focused most of our efforts on client fulfillment, lead generation and lead conversion.

Our coach helped us balance these skills with better use of financial statements. Because we were so busy doing everything ourselves, the only financials we looked at were revenue and expenses. Our coach helped us learn to use the ratios and pay closer attention to those parts of the financial statements we had been neglecting.
One of the major decisions we've made through our coach's guidance was to close our second location, which was increasing our expenses greatly and not bringing in the profit we were expecting. We were so concerned with NOT adversely affecting our clients at the second location that we needed our "blind optimism" held in check! Our coach helped us realize from a numbers perspective that our instincts to close the second location were right.

Kimberly: We both took accounting classes in graduate school, but it took E-Myth to help us integrate caring for the financials AND caring for clients. Our business is very dependent on the personal relationships we develop with our clients, so our decisions had not been based solely on numbers, which is what accounting tends to teach. Our coach helped show us how to review our financial statements from the perspective of a business owner concerned with all aspects of the business.

Becoming Better Managers

Katherine: We've developed a lot as managers. Before, we got too friendly with people. This program has taught us to be much more objective. We can hold firm now that there are standards that need to be met and we can communicate to employees firmly if they aren't meeting these requirements.

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