The culture “buy-in” did not happen overnight. It took time for the culture of the company to change but the change has been extraordinary. As a result our entire culture has become about systemic thinking. All systems are documented and they are dynamic. For easy access, they’re held on a server and departments are mapped appropriately from their workstations. When a new employee comes on they are taught to look at the documentation of a certain procedure, eliminating the time bandits that are created through idle conversation. This also helps when employees must cover for an absent co-worker allowing our clients to get the same great customer service they have come to expect.

How We Do It Here

We use our weekly company meetings to reinforce what we do and why we do it. With new hires, they are trained from the beginning as to how we do it here. Training has become more efficient as new employees observe how the existing employees work as well.

Becoming ISO certified

The E-Myth Mastery program absolutely helped us become ISO certified. The company that was hired to prepare us for certification was amazed as we had most of the work already done through our documentation. Their representative said we were far more along then most organizations, including those Fortune 500 companies. Our team was also easy to deal with as they already understood what it was they had to do.

If you want to have a business and not a job, then you need to work on your business and not in it. Now I know that if I choose not to come in for a few days, I'm confident we’ll still be delivering the high-quality service our customers expect. I now apply systemic thinking to all aspects of life. It has helped my community work as well, sharpening my leadership skills, reducing stress and giving me more time.

The company that came in to prepare us for ISO certification was amazed as we had most the work already done through our documentation. Their representative said we were far more along then most organizations, including those Fortune 500 companies.

In 2008, Phone On-Hold Marketing Systems was honored with the Spirit of Small Business Award from the Small Business Administration.

Why E-Myth Coaching Was Right For Me

E-Myth was referred to me by people I trusted. It was an affordable and workable program. I was not interested in a degree, I wanted tools. I felt I had reached a certain level and I wanted to take it to the next step. I wanted greater company perception, greater company value… and the truth is I even had thoughts of franchising. I was watching others in the business getting wrapped up in at the little details; installing, looking at phone systems, doing all the selling themselves — one on one. I needed a different type of machine and a way to retire (I’m still working on that part!).

I believe that everyone has skill sets; some are more skilled than others. Even though I had many years of management behind me, I knew I had certain weaknesses that could be improved or be delegated to someone who was better at it than I was. Reading The E-Myth Revisited fit like a glove. I realized I was not interested in a degree; I was interested in…Well, for lack of a better word…A SYSTEM.

E-Myth Mastery Was a Catalyst

When we first began the E-Myth process, each employee had a one-on-one meeting with me where we went over the necessity of systems, of becoming systemic in their thinking and introducing the Position Contracts. Then we had a companywide off-site meeting where I introduced the implementation plan to everyone at the same time. Lastly I instituted weekly company meetings that we call the Round Robins. This allows each department to talk about what is going on with them, we address Key Frustrations; discuss potential new systems, etc. Everyone also wraps up their contribution with a success story about a company experience or a personal experience.

The E-Myth program was a catalyst to begin thinking systemically and now our whole team has that perspective. It helped create — through implementation — a healthier company culture. Our team is much more solution oriented. They are more about solving problems rather than making excuses. They are less defensive when things don’t work right, and most of all, have become more accountable for their respective duties.

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