I was the Business

One of the most profound changes for me was the realization that this business doesnít have to be about me. Not only was I functioning with that mindset, it was literal: I was the business. Now I know that it doesnít have to be. Iím now able to sell the Marshall Branch coaching system delivered by my company through Associates like Kim Hensley. Although the company bears my name, we can demonstrate that itís not about me, itís about the systems and process of franchise consulting.

Thanks to Kim and the Mastery Program, our business is documented and thatís made it much easier to transfer to other people. Itís much easier to grow now. In fact, when our latest associate came on, it wasnít a question of getting his buy in; it was instead just ďhereís how we do franchise consulting here.Ē

Life Comes First

By far the most impactful process for both Kim and I was one of the first things we worked on, and that was our Primary Aim. Getting really, really clear on what it means to put your life first has always been important to me, but the Mastery Program really helped me solidify that and bring it into my business. Itís been a driving principle in all of my business dealings; and now itís an integral part of my entire organization.

Jeff's team was so moved by the Primary Aim process that they have all of theirs framed in their office for all to see.

No one has a greater appreciation of the importance of systems documentation, nor a greater aversion to doing it.

I'd been working for Ameriprise for nearly 20 years when, in 2000, the company changed their model and became a franchisor. One day we were 8,000 independent financial advisors, and the next we were 8,000 individual franchise owners.

This presented a huge opportunity for me because while these financial advisors were great at giving financial advice, virtually none of them had experience at running their own business. That very day I started to offer my intellectual capital and my business experience, guidance and coaching to Ameriprise franchise owners in the Pacific Northwest and I've never looked back.

I Believe in Coaching

Iíve always employed outside coaching. Even when I was just an employee working for somebody else, Iíd always hire an outside coach. The desire to have the guidance and support of a coach is woven into my fabric; itís just who I am. So it was a natural thing for me to become a coach myself, to help Ameriprise franchise owners do ďthis thing called running your own business.Ē

I was introduced to E-Myth Worldwide because Ameriprise brought E-Myth in to do workshops and events for the organization. I read The E-Myth Revisited book and totally embraced the concepts, even though I didnít own my own business at the time. It was so aligned with my principles that I was able to apply it to my leadership and management role.

E-Mything My Business

By 2007 my coaching business was doing really well and it was time to grow. That meant bringing on associate coaches. Kim was the first person to join my team, and the very first thing I did was hand her a copy of The E-Myth Revisited.

With her coming on board, it seemed like the time was right to enroll in the E-Myth Mastery Program. Honestly, I wouldnít have enrolled if I didnít have somebody to do it with. I had my business mentally mapped, but itís a whole different thing to have it written down. I just never would have done it on my own. No one has a greater appreciation of the importance of systems documentation, nor a greater aversion to doing it. I liken it to nails scratching a chalkboard. I was lucky to work through the program with Kim, whoís got documenting, structure and organization in her DNA. It just comes naturally to her.

So we kicked off 2008 with Kim and I both participating in the E-Myth Mastery Program.

The E-Myth Mastery Program

For me, the best learning reinforces the things Iíve always thought, believed or had an intuitive sense about. The biggest benefit for me in the E-Myth Mastery Program was that constant reinforcement of foundational business development elements put together with the form, structure and accountability of our monthly program.

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