Hiring the Right People

Another result of the program is that recently Iíve hired people who have what I call "process training," in the sense that they if theyíre doing an action or see another team member doing an action, they know how to turn it into a processÖwhether they use screen shots or photographs (because we do catering and gifts and the visual impact of our products is so important). Iíve struggled a bit with hiring in the past because a lot of times we end up with people who are completely hands on. They donít understand the need for systems, or they have it all in their head and, of course, thatís not what we want. So Iíve literally had to pin some people down and pair them with one of those people who is a "process person" to say, "You are responsible for getting everything out of their head and getting it down on paper and into a manual or system we can use. This way, if theyíre gone for a day, we all breathe easy and hand it to someone else to do and itís taken care of." After 10 years, some of my new hires have no idea--no clue--what Iíve been through to get to this point (with systems in place). And Iím still tempted at times to stick my hands in, but I have to step back and realize that my team members can handle it.

The Results

I recently went on vacation and, for the first time in 10 years, I didnít get one phone call! Itís a testimony to a great team, and some great processes and systems in place.

Weíre working on our five year plan and want to maintain our growth on a consistent and comfortable level. In the last year, our boxed lunch business grew 58 percent; the event side of the business grew 94 percent and the gift side around 35 percent. Weíre shooting to be a million dollar company this year and weíre shooting for $3 million in the next five years. Like E-Myth suggests, I want to get to the point where I could sell the company if I wanted to or, if I didnít, it would still be a really profitable situation.

Iíve never been able to say that if I had to step back, the business will continue to run and grow without me. But now I can! Before E-Myth Online and E-Myth, it felt so unattainable. But now that we have the team and the processes close to being completed, even though we are going to change and grow over the next few years, we have a baseline to work from and that makes me feel like itís attainable.

"In some way, every entrepreneur can benefit from the concepts of the E-Myth Online program."

Iím Not Sarah (from The E-Myth Revisited), But I Get It!

The E-Myth approach really spoke to me, but Iím not the typical baker who goes into the business just because I love to bake. Baking is something I have always enjoyed, itís certainly part of who I am. But, first and foremost, I am a sales person, and I saw a need in the corporate world for good food. I knew that basic concept was something that I could work on and form a business plan around.

Starting with the Book

The E-Myth Revisited was given to me at just the right time. Weíd hit a wall with the way we were doing things. At this point, I had owned the business for a few years, but I was still "doing," even though I wasnít the main producer. I still had my hands in too many things with regards to operations, and everything was too dependent on individuals versus processes. That was the part of the E-Myth approach that really resonated with me. It helped kick start a three-year growth plan. That was a real turn around year for us.

From Concept to Application: E-Myth Online

One of my business acquaintances is a Mastery Impact!™ client and kept telling me about the huge impact it was having on their business. I knew myself well enough to know that Mastery wasnít the right program for me right now. Thatís when I found out about E-Myth Online.

Working at My Own Pace

I thought E-Myth Online was right for me because it would allow me to step back for a year and work on my business at my own pace. Once I got into it, I realized just how in-depth each module is and Iím glad thereís a year to work on it! Itís so important to have the ability to go at my own pace, to say, "Iím going to work on this chapter for a couple months," or "This is my busy season so Iím going put aside and focus on it again when I can."

Putting My Purpose Into Words

As a business person and as an entrepreneur, youíre constantly challenged with the question: "What is your goal in life?" or "What is your purpose?" And itís really hard to see the forest for the trees. The first part of the E-Myth Online program that focused on Leadership, really helped me through that. I came up with a Primary AIM that was really simple, but every time I put my plan and goals up against it, it resonates. Thereís a great sense of accomplishment to feel like you know what you really want to do--and that you can put it into words in a really simple way. That was a big step for me and really helped me to focus. It sounds funny to say this, but itís such a relief to have it written down!

Managing Money

Iíve started putting into practice some of the things that the E-Myth Online Money chapter has taught me--especially about cash flow and budgeting. Of course everybody has their PL and balance sheet, but the other tools provided by the course have given me a real sense of comfort with regards to day-to-day business and understanding where we are.

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