Well, not in our office! Once each person has a defined, scripted position then you liberate your employees to do their work without you or anybody else telling them what to do. If the employee is not capable of working independently while following your orders via their procedure manual, then fire them and get somebody that can be trained in. Again, a pearl that will transform your business! As we hire new people we train them to the manuals and get them 'up to speed' in a matter of weeks...not months...and the quality of our services and the resulting patient experience will be uniform too. The positions meet with the managers on a 6-month basis to review and update the manual unless there is an immediate change necessary.

Coaching In Practice

The interesting thing about taking the Mastery course is that years later you will be looking at your business with the aim of making constant improvements rather than accept what your employees deliver by default. If you are not defining your business, then your employees will define it by default...and you don't want that! If your business is not changing per your prescription then it is falling behind or going on a course that you don't want. The Mastery program gives you both the specific tools and 'attitude adjustment' for you to operate under. I am laughing as I write this because we just pulled a couple of Mastery modules off the shelf and were using them to 'redefine' an aspect of our business...even though I took the course almost 5 years ago.

Another reason I took the course was to get ready for bringing in a partner in the next couple of years. Rather than let a young guy come in and screw up the operations because he/she thinks they know how to run a business better (believe me, it happens!), I will instead make the prospective partner sign up and go through the E-Myth Mastery program step by step and then let them start running the business!

My business has grown in value to $3.6 million...and my goal is to grow it further. It was appraised at $2 million when I started the course. You can do the math to determine whether or not I got value from the program.

About Dr. Leigh Colby:

Dr. Colby started Oregon Dental Care in 1995 from a ground-zero startup. Utilizing the E-Myth basics of “work on your business…not just in your business” he has successfully franchised his business by delegating -- not abdicating -- the internal operations of his 5-doctor/35 employee group dental practice. This has freed Dr. Colby to work strategically on his business, resulting in growth and continued profitability during a period when most other dental practices have experienced a 10%-40% decrease in revenues.

Dr. Colby started the Mastery program in 2006, and when approached by a fellow practitioner for a testimonial, here’s what he had to say.

My Background With E-Myth

There are essentially only good things to say about the E-Myth Mastery program and one negative. The negative is that the work you will do over the 12-month period is extensive and you cannot possibly implement everything that they teach. I was unprepared...but once I 'got it', then it was not a problem. Having said that, if you lower your expectations regarding what you will actually get immediately implemented in your office and instead focus on what you need to learn for forward-managing your business, then you will find -- both for the cost and the breadth of the training -- there is no better program. Forget the consultants, unless you need an 'insultant' to come in and insult your staff with the change that needs to occur.

My background entailed 15 years of corporate management before going full time on our group dental practice. My experience is unusual and I wanted to take our practice to the next level. So, even with corporate-level experience, it was still a lot of work...but it was work on MY business, rather than somebody else's business.

We are fanatical about taking the E-Myth approach. I recommend that anyone in the medical/dentistry field read The E-Myth Revisited or The E-Myth Physician ASAP.

I read both books years before taking the Mastery program. If you read just one of these in the next week or so then it will give a great foundation for approaching your business through the Mastery program. The Mastery Program, however, is your means for implementation...not the book. Once you get through the Mastery program you will take a module step by step at a later date and rework your systems.

E-Myth In Our Office

We were recently appraised by the #1 practice broker in Oregon and he stated in writing that Oregon Dental Care is the best private practice he had ever seen...and we still have a lot more work to do! Every position -- except for our 5 doctors (and we are looking at that now) have a detailed operations manual with daily, weekly and monthly check lists. The E-Myth approach is very simple: you decide and then state "this is how we do things here" and then train to it. If your manager balks at this...fire her and find somebody that will be open to change. I just gave you a pearl that will transform your business....trust me because we went through this. Most doctors take a weekend course, try to implement change too fast, and things go back to what they were before the course because the doctor has no clue what is happening when his head is down doing dentistry.

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