Now I'm addressing each department on its own, one department at a time to get each one performing better. Iím still working on it, but very soon everybody will be on board. And everybody can feel it. The general mood in the company is so much better and we're all so much more motivated and hopeful.

Discovering my Primary Aim [a process in the Mastery Program that asks you to create a written statement about yourself that expresses the essence of your life and legacy) was a real eye opener! It's not something that I invented today; it's been there my whole life. I just didnít know it. Discovering what I'm here for and what Iím trying to achieve is enlightening. And it only took me 23 years in my business to figure it out!

I also see now how much time I used to waste! I realize that I just didnít know what to do, what to focus on or how to prioritize a day. I was very bad at time management before wasting a lot of time on trivial things. Now, using the Daily Prioritizer and the Time Log I feel much more organized and productive.

Having my Strategic Objective [a process in the Mastery Program that documents the ownerís vision of the business as it must be in order to achieve his or her Primary Aim and personal objectives] in front of me every day is fantastic. I think my team felt a bit lost in the past; they didnít know where we were going. Having my Strategic Objective has really helped me get clear on implementing systems for my operations, sales and accounting teams. I'm still working on it, but just talking about creating a system whereby people would be following certain steps and certain due dates was one of the things that my team got engaged with immediately.

Looking Forward

I've always wanted to create a big company. Not an international company, but a well-known one in the Egyptian market. I imagined a company that behaved like a multinational company, but was completely Egyptian. E-Myth has helped me realize how I can achieve that. The Mastery program has given me the tools and the confidence to do it. I now understand what it takes to build a big company, what it takes to create that kind of working environment and that kind of culture. I know now how my company needs to behave and plan for the future. It's exciting to go to work now!

I always had good ideas but failed terribly at executing them. The E-Myth Mastery program is helping me identify where my weaknesses are. Now I realize that I can learn how to execute better and I can teach my staff to execute better as well.

My father was a diplomat and as a young boy I always thought I wanted to be a diplomat like him. But my mom, who had a clothing and textile business (which she started in 1971) always pushed me to work with her. In 1985 she finally won out and during my last year in university I decided to join her in her business. At the time, the company made evening wear and evening gowns for women, but when I joined, we completely shifted to men's casual wear.

My Authoritarian Business Approach

To tell you the truth, before E-Myth, I was the kind of person who ran the business as a very authoritarian dictatorship. I always thought that I was right, that I knew everything and when I asked people to do things, I ordered them to do it my way. There was no room to question or negotiate. If they couldn't deliver, it was their mistake or my mistake because I hired incompetent people.

When I took over the business back in 1987, that seemed to work. But at some stage it started failing. Honestly, the last three years have been very demoralizing for me. My business was not profitable like it used to be. I started feeling hopeless. I started thinking of closing down and maybe doing something else.

That's when I read the book.

Enter A New Way of Thinking

My wife, who is also a business owner, was invited by the U.S. State Department to visit America on a three-week business program. While there, she asked people for suggestions on material to read, and almost always the first book recommendation was The E-Myth Revisited. She came back to Egypt with the book in hand. I will always be indebted to my wife for that.

When I started reading the The E-Myth Revisited, it gave me hope that something could be done about this business. A business that once was doing well but needed to be revived. But I also thought the book would tell me how to do it, and that wasn't the case. The book was only about the concepts, not the details. By the time I finished it, I was ready to start E-Myth coaching immediately. I visited the site and a few weeks later, I started the E-Myth Mastery Program.

Now, the last time I had a coach—of any kind—I was 15 years old and I was a springboard diver. So having a business coach was new to me. But, the best way I can sum up the experience is that every time I finish a coaching call, I feel really good. I feel excited. I'm energized. I want to go to work the next day and do this and do that. It is very motivating, inspiring and energizing.

The Real Business Problem Was Me

Once I started the program, it didn't take long for me to understand where the problem in my business was. The problem was me. It was not my staff. It was not the market. It was me, all this time. Once I realized that, everything started changingÖ quickly and dramatically.

I realized that I needed to start thinking differently about myself and about my business. With this perspective, finally I could see what was actually wrong. I could start thinking strategically and systemically about each and every problem and how to solve it. It changed my attitude towards everybody and everything!

Before the program, I had a staff that I (for one reason or another) tried to interact with as little as possible. It was very frustrating to sit down and have a conversation with any of them because it was usually a very negative conversation about why we didn't achieve this or that, and whose fault it was. That atmosphere has changed 180 degrees!

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