E-Myth Worldwide can help you build the business of your dreams.

You want your business to be profitable.



To operate without being dependent on you.

You want your business to be successful.

For more than 30 years, we've helped business owners gain the insight and understanding, the rules and disciplines, the mindset and the perspective necessary to create successful businesses. E-Myth is both a philosophy and a business development model. Our programs empower you to systematically transform every area of your business.

Whether you need the one-on-one guidance of an experienced E-Myth Business Coach, the company of other business owners in a live workshop setting, or virtual training on specific business topics, E-Myth programs will help you gain control of your business.

What is the E-Myth Philosophy?

The majority of our clients are indeed Technicians who find themselves in the role of business owner without the knowledge or skills necessary to run a successful business. They're passionate about the technical work of the business, but don't know how to build a business that supports that technical work.

Take physicians for example. Doctors go through extensive schooling and give years of their lives toward perfecting their technical craft. But medical schools don't teach the business of medicine; they only teach the practice of medicine. As an owner of a business, doctors also have to deal with hiring and managing employees, budgeting, taxes, payroll, administrative tasks... All the things that make a business run, and all the things even the most educated Technician typically doesn't have the training to do. No matter how much a physician knows about the work of doctoring, that expertise in itself is typically not sufficient to build a successful practice, business or enterprise.

We help business owners bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be in their business. We provide the proprietary step-by-step business success systems, guidance and training that will help you become more than a Technician; we'll help you become a business owner capable of growing your business in a predictable and sustainable way.

E-Myth's Business Development Model: The Seven Centers of Management Attention™.

All of our programs use our Seven Centers model to bring structure, order and clarity to your business. It is the model to guide your systems identification and development efforts, and gives you a holistic or "360-degree" view of your business.

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