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Block the Bots

Robby the Robot in 'Forbidden Planet' (MGM)

Many websites have public pages that shouldn't show up in search results; cobrand discounts, expired offers, code, style sheets and broken pages are examples. Private data should always require ID & password, but any public page could end up in a search engine index. How do you keep the major search engines away from certain pages?

Read about robots.txt in Website Tips: Block the Bots.

Simple Search Engine Optimization

Googlebot mural

Most people consider organic (non-paid) search results as more reliable than advertised listings. Hence, businesses will benefit when their websites have been optimized for search engine listing.

Here are a few simple rules:

  • Use <meta name="keywords"> & <meta name="description"> HTML tags
  • Highlight your keywords on your web pages
  • Encourage others to link to you
  • Make good use of your <title> tags
  • Don't duplicate or overuse keywords

Other sensible activities will help with SEO as well, like keeping your content fresh. We describe the workings of web search engines and focus on Google's methods in particular.
See the blog post Simple Search Engine Optimization.

MOLI Receives Five Awards

Santa Rosa, CA – 23 July 2008

E-Myth business partner MOLI has received five prestigious awards for their social and business networking site. The five awards are a Stevie Award for the MOLI home page, two Hermes Creativity Awards for written content and the video comedy series "The Park Bench", and two Videographer Awards for "The Park Bench" and "Fox & Calf" series.

See more at Newswire Today.

E-Myth Spanish

Santa Rosa, CA – 8 July 2008

E-Myth is pleased to announce the launch of E-Myth Spanish, a new program that supports the business development efforts of Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs world-wide. E-Myth has partnered with Más tiempo, más dinero, más vida S.A. de C.V. which has exclusive distribution rights in Mexico.

Learn more in the press release.

FranchisEsource & E-Myth in Strategic Partnership

Santa Rosa, CA – 18 June 2008

A strategic partnership was announced today between E-Myth Worldwide™, and FranchisEsource Brands International, a multi-brand franchisor. The partnership creates the largest franchise network providing business success education and business coaching to entrepreneurs.

Learn more in the press release.

MOLI Small Business Center

Santa Rosa, CA – 2 June 2008

E-Myth is again collaborating with MOLI and we're now providing articles, videos, podcasts and business advice at the new MOLI Small Business Center, a destination for business knowledge, user forums, industry reports, articles, networking, discussions, interviews and special offers.

You can pose questions to experts, give your input and participate in a real business community. We invite you to join MOLI and make full use of the the MOLI Small Business Center.

ASMC Hears The E-Myth Solution

Santa Rosa, CA – 7 May 2008

The Apple Specialists Marketing Co-op (ASMC) met in St. Louis this week, using St. Louis' Gateway Arch as a symbolic backdrop of economic opportunity. ASMC Executive Director Kevin Langdon said "2007 was a very good year for Apple Specialists and we expect 2008 to be even better." The conference theme was "Building Better Businesses" and attendees heard a keynote presentation by E-Myth Worldwide and participated in a half-day workshop titled The E-Myth Solution.

See more at Business Wire.

Popular E-Myth Business Books

Santa Rosa, CA – 2 May 2008 – 800-CEO-READ is an interesting site that covers the latest trends in the world of business books, authors and the publishing industry. We're happy to report that The E-Myth Revisited is #5 on today's list of daily bestsellers and that Awakening the Entrepreneur Within is #16 on the list of monthly bestsellers.
See more at 800-CEO-READ.

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