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Survival Training for Your Business

A business owner's 3 roles; each wants to be Boss.
  • Access to Essentials Live
  • 7 Online Courses in The Seven Centers of Management Attention™
  • 17 Group Coaching Sessions with E-Myth Business Coaches
  • Trade-Up Discounts on other E-Myth programs
  • A Virtual Training Seminar of your choice
  • Access to the E-Myth Community at MOLI
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Your Business Should Be Working For You

Would your business be better prepared for tough times with higher revenue, greater employee loyalty, more customers and streamlined internal systems?  Does your current strategic plan support these goals?
Have you crafted a longterm strategy?   If not, you should seriously consider subscribing to Embark Live.

Embark Live is Survival Training for Your Business and taught by masters of business coaching. It is
the best $169 per month you can invest in your business.

Online Courses

Get prepared with an annual subscription to Embark Live. Start with E-Myth Essentials and continue into The Seven Centers of Management Attention™ business model. Presented in 35 chapters and delivered via the web, Embark Live courses focus on strategic business development and systems concepts. As you work through the 7 courses, you will learn to

Seven Centers of Management Attention
  • Think Strategically
  • Manage Your Financial Statements
  • Develop Systems to Control Processes
  • Understand the Roles of Entrepreneur, Manager & Technician
  • Learn the 5 Rules of Lead Conversion1: Understand your customers' demographics and psychographics to learn their purchasing habits.		2: Learn why prospects don't buy from you.		3: Create a dependable sales system and always use it.		4: Identify points in the sales cycle where leads drop out, and improve your methods.				5: Messaging should display the results that customers expect, and that your products need to deliver.
  • Determine The Motivations of Your Best Customers
  • Use Frustrations as Opportunities

Group Coaching Sessions

Embark Live group coaching sessions are 17 regularly-scheduled, live phone-and web lectures that map to specific Embark Live course topics. Leadership, Money, Management, Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Client Fulfillment are all discussed in-depth during hour-long group workshops led by certified E-Myth Business Coaches. Embark Live group coaching sessions features

  • Web conference format
  • 800-number phone access in the US & Canada
  • Repeat regularly through the annual subscription period
  • Provide regular lectures on course material
  • Get your questions answered
  • Attend as often as you like
Click below for Group Coaching audio (Flash 8).

Virtual Training Seminar

Included in an annual Embark Live subscription is a free Virtual Training Seminar, a webinar delivered by expert E-Myth trainers. You and your staff can gain business guidance from E-Myth in the comfort of your own office. Current Virtual Training Seminar topics are Documenting Systems, The Key Frustrations Process, Building Your Prototype and Systems Evaluation.

Trade-Up Discounts

Many Embark Live subscribers will continue on with a Mastery coaching program, join an Owner's Advisory Board, or check out an E-Myth seminar. Subscribers who do so receive Trade-Up discounts: Up to $1749 discount on Mastery Impact, up to $874.50 discount on Group Mastery, and 15% discounts on Leadership Intensive Seminars and Owner's Advisory Board membership. See the Trade-Up Discounts tab.

E-Myth Community at MOLI

Embark Live subscribers receive preferred access to the E-Myth Community at MOLI, an extensive online network of businesses. You can build a free website for your business on MOLI and process credit card transactions online for $3.99 per month.

Embark Live Delivers

Embark Live training shows you how your business can deliver:

  • Higher revenue
  • More customers
  • Greater employee loyalty
  • Streamlined internal systems
  • Preparation for tough times

Check the FAQ page for more.

Enroll in Embark for only $1749

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Get Your Mind Out of the Trenches

E-Myth Essentials:   Start on the right track

Start with award-winning E-Myth Essentials, then continue into the heart of Embark Live materials.
  • Effective Time Management - Plan to maximize your benefit from time spent working.
  • Action Plans - Use Action Plans to define business systems.

Leadership:   Discover your vision for your business

Discover sources of leadership, state your vision for the future, create systems to track progress against that vision.
  • Your Primary Aim  - Determine who you are when you're at your best.
  • Your Strategic Objective  - Establish what your business will look like in the future.
  • Strategic Indicators - Develop metrics by which to gauge success.

Marketing:   Understand your best customers

Identify your most profitable customers, develop their demographic profiles, gain insight into their purchase decisions.
  • Product & Market Research Grid  - Identify your customer demographics.
  • Demographic Model  - Learn which customers are your best.
  • Psychographic Model  - Learn how they make purchase decisions.

Money:   Establish and maintain predictable cash flow

Make sense of financial statements, improve your forecasting, budgeting and cash management skills, plan for upturns, downturns and growth.
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet,Cash Flow  - Make full use of financial statements.
  • Budgeting and Cash Planning  - Proactively plan to make a profit.

Management:   Assemble and motivate the right team

Hire, motivate and retain great employees, clearly define accountabilities, maintain employee commitment.
  • Organization Chart and Results Statements  - How your operation is assembled.
  • Position Agreements  - What I do, how I do it, and why.

Lead Generation:   Create awareness in your target markets

Grow your customer base, develop a practical lead generation plan, systematize your lead generation process.
  • Channel Selection  - Advertise for the greatest return.

Lead Conversion:   Create predictable prospect conversion systems

Develop predictable lead conversion systems.
  • Purchase Decision  - Anticipate the needs of your prospects.
  • Lead Conversion Process  - Identify the 5 key lead conversion steps.

Client Fulfillment:   Deliver on your promise

View your product from your customers' perspective, increase client satisfaction and retention, deliver high-quality products and customer service.
  • Product Profile  - Identify what is truly remarkable about your products.
  • Quality Management  - Deliver on your product promises.

Enroll in Embark for only $1749

If you're ready to work ON your business rather than IN your business, click below.

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Trade-Up Discounts

Often Embark Live subscribers continue into a Mastery coaching program, become a member of an Owner's Advisory Board, or attend an E-Myth seminar. Those who do receive significant Trade-Up discounts as follows:

  • Up to $1749 discount on Mastery Impact
  • Up to $874.50 discount on Group Mastery
  • 15% discount on Leadership Intensive Seminars
  • 15% discount on Owner's Advisory Boards
Mastery Impact

Mastery Impact is our flagship business coaching program, combining in-depth proprietary material and the regular guidance of your personal E-Myth Business Coach. With Mastery Impact you'll get the full E-Myth experience and gain a powerful business coaching ally.

Peer Group Mastery

Peer Group Mastery blends our proprietary Mastery material with group meetings led by an E-Myth Business Coach, and is an excellent choice for real self-starters and those with major time constraints.

Leadership Intensive Seminars

These two-day seminars will transform the way you think about your business. Learn how to escape 'busy work' and build a strategic vision for your business. Leadership Intensives are held in the beautiful California wine country and feature a sumptuous winery dinner.

Owner's Advisory Boards

These candid, online monthly forums are attended by a regular group of business-owning, non-competitive peers. Starting later this year, and facilitated by an E-Myth coach, an Owner's Advisory Board will give you a virtual board of directors on whom you can rely for sage advice, and with whom you can share your own business wisdom.

Enroll in Embark for only $1749

If you're ready to work ON your business rather than IN your business, click below.

Buy Now If you want us to contact you, fill out the contact request form, or call 800-221-0266 or 707-569-5600.


Real world tools that can be applied immediately to any business.

—Lance Leighnor, Antares Development, USA

The e-learning courses were great. I thought they would be a real chore, but they weren't. I consider my computer a necessary evil but you really made it a pleasure.

—Lydia van Rompu, VR Sales, Canada

The quality, tone and content of the tutorials was, in my opinion, priceless. I thought it was great!

—Karen Paiyo, Infolosophy, Australia

This was one of the most important courses that I have ever done. Thank you so much for your willingness to impart what you have learned about business and about life. Let me know how I can continue the relationship with your wonderful organization.

—Roy Marslier, Trinidad & Tobago

Enroll in Embark for only $1749

If you're ready to work ON your business rather than IN your business, click below.

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