E-Myth Worldwide Welcomes "In the Dreaming Room" Attendees

Transform your dream into reality!

Now that you've learned to think BIG In The Dreaming Room, take the next step with business development solutions from E-Myth Worldwide. Apply Michael Gerber's philosophy, "The system is the solution," to your entire business, and begin achieving extraordinary results!

Our flagship business-coaching program.
Benefits: Provides you with the skills and framework to create a business that works for you - without your constant involvement in daily operations - for a healthier work-life balance.

Please contact E-Myth at 800-221-0266 or 707-569-5757 for further assistance.

An online course with action items you can implement immediately.
Benefits: Multimedia course with chapter text, worksheets, tutorials, and a powerful Business Assessment and personalized Results Report with action items you can implement immediately! Whether you're thinking of starting a business, or you already have one, this course can help you learn to build a business that works.

Online education and e-coaching product.
Benefits: Can be taken anytime at your convenience, at your own pace. The lessons can be applied immediately to satisfy your specific business requirements.

Inspirational and interactive round-table workshops.
Benefits: Optimize the quality of your leadership skills to positively affect how you interact with your customers, relate to your employees, handle your money — and every other critical aspect of making your business a success.
E-Myth Leadership Intensive
Leadership Development Series
A free online forum for business owners.
Benefits: Access to articles, case studies, and interviews. A supportive and inspirational forum where members can respond to content, and share their own personal opinions, experiences, insights and best practices with other members.

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