The Group Mastery Impact!® Portal

From the moment you start Group Mastery Impact! you will get invaluable guidance, support and feedback from your coach and qualified peers in regular coaching meetings and through the unique group online learning environment. Every group has its own password-protected web portal that becomes the focal point and support center for all group members throughout the program.

Home Page

Home Page

Home Page

Your Home Page is the dashboard for your Group Mastery Impact! Program and includes the profile picture, contact information, and brief background bios of each of your fellow group members.

The Facilitator Announcements section is where your E-Myth Business Coach will post notices when new material and resources are available, along with other timely suggestions and implementation tips.

The Participant Announcements section allows you, as a group member, to post announcements, requests, questions, book recommendations, and time-sensitive notices.

From this home page, you can access the other pages of your group’s online portal, which include a calendar to help you keep track of group meeting dates, a discussion board, a very active resources section and access to all of your Mastery materials.



The Calendar tab helps you keep track of group meeting dates. Your group will meet with your E-Myth Business Coach by phone for one hour, three times a month to focus on the implementation of the essential business systems.

Discussion Board 1

Discussion Board 2

Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is organized by the Seven Centers of Management Attention™ plus a General category, and is where group members bring their questions, challenges, discoveries, and work-in process between meetings.

This is also a great place for exploring topics that are outside the current business development work but relevant to what you may be experiencing in your business right now. Here you can test assumptions, ask opinions, make observations, and tap the community’s collective wisdom through your fellow group members as well as your coach.



The Resources page is divided into three sections, each with a specific purpose and all designed to support and enhance your work, as well as maintaining a running record of the group’s progress through the coaching program.

The Sessions section is where your E-Myth Coach will post their notes from each group meeting including the topics discussed, group members’ discoveries and findings, and notes about the next business processes to be studied. Also, each group call is recorded, and uploaded in this column as an MP3 file. You are able to easily access these audio recordings to replay for reinforcement, or review selected portions of the call that you may especially want to remember. These audio files are also very valuable if you have to miss a meeting; you’ll be able to keep up to speed with your group even if you couldn’t be on that call.

The Additional Materials section is where your coach will post extra support material about the business development tools you’re studying. This can include expanded "hints and tips" about particular processes, samples of completed worksheets from previous clients, as well as a wealth of clippings, articles, and outside links that support your understanding of a given concept and your curiosity to learn more.

The Shared Worksheets section is where group members are invited to post their completed or in-process worksheets, documented systems, or anything else they’d like the group to be able to see. Often, your coach will select worksheets posted in this section as examples in the next meeting – to point out strong areas as well as areas where people are especially challenged. It’s great, because everyone in the group can be seeing the same example at the same time. It is often very common that group members will thank another member for posting their work, as it served as inspiration for their own.


Between these Shared Worksheets, the Discussion Board, and the on-going coach-facilitated conversations in the group calls – you have a powerful collection of tools that are designed to provide a dynamic and supportive environment for innovation, discovery, and business development!

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