Business Succession and Exit Planning

Since business owners face a number of barriers to a successful exit, it's critical to educate yourself and create an exit plan. Working with our exit planning partner, BEI, we have identified 7 steps to take you from where you are today to the successful exit you desire:

1. Establish Owner Objectives
2. Establish Business Value
3. Build Value and Cash Flow
4. Sell to a Third Party for Top Dollar, or
5. Transfer to Management or Family Members
6. Develop a Contingency Plan
7. Preserve Family Wealth

Most importantly, the majority of business owners start planning way too late:

According to Mass Mutual Research, 75% of business owners who have successfully sold their companies wished they had begun preparing for that process much earlier.

E-Myth recommends that business owners focus on building value and exit planning a minimum of 5 years before planned exit. We encourage you to get started now! Read The E-Myth Revisited and request a free E-Myth consultation to learn how you can maximize your business value. For more exit planning tips and suggestions:

Business owners: Learn more about preparing your business for transfer.

Professional service providers: Learn more about becoming a Certified Exit Planner.

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For business owners planning to leverage the value of your business to support your lifestyle, fund your retirement, or launch your next venture, learn more about preparing your business for transfer:

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For professional service providers interested in extending your service offering, learn more about becoming a Certified Exit Planner:

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