Know Your Role

2012 | Apr 20 in Management

By Ben Ostergaard, COO

Overwhelm always begins by losing context. It is critically important that a Technician's job is approached from the Technician's perspective, managed by the Manager's perspective, and driven by the Entrepreneur's vision. If the Technician's job is executed from the Entrepreneur's vision, the result is frustration with product quality and poor delivery. Similarly, if a Manager's job is approached from a Technician's perspective, the management of the company towards strategic goals becomes a tunnel-vision game of whack-a-mole, again resulting in poor outcomes.  

As a Business Owner, your context is created by tracking all three of these perspectives inside yourself, and then applying the appropriate context to the appropriate task. Writing your Strategic Objective? That is the Entrepreneur’s job. Fixing a client’s brakes? That is the Technician’s job. Ensuring that every client has a superlative experience, every time? That is the Manager’s job.

Holding the appropriate context for each task brings all of your available resources to bear.  Without context, you are treating every aspect of your business as if it were the same.

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