This business development program includes private consulting by a Certified E-Myth Consultant. Individual Mastery is ideal for the owner who is committed to developing and implementing turnkey systems in order to create an enterprise that is aligned with your life and business goals. The personalized format keeps the owner focused on a progressive transformation of their business and continuous alignment of life and business goals. Your E-Myth Consultant introduces each business development process from our curriculum in a set order that has been developed and refined over the past 27 years.


  • Three, one hour live telephone meetings per month, delivered by a Certified E-Myth Consultant
  • Your E-Myth Consultant progressively introduces comprehensive business development processes selected from the hundreds of processes that comprise the E-Myth Mastery curriculum.
  • You are required to fax or email process work to your E-Myth Consultant for review between meetings.
  • Your E-Myth Consultant confirms understanding of the material, acknowledges progress in applying the E-Myth material, and works with you to implement the material in your business.
  • With each module, you will receive your choice of an introductory audio CD or tape presented by Michael Gerber.
  • During your first meeting you will be introduced to the E-Myth Business Development Guide, a tool for quantifying your on-going business development progress.


As the leader in the small business market, E-Myth Worldwide announces the findings of a comprehensive survey of its current client base that definitively demonstrates the impact of its E-Myth Mastery™ Coaching Program.

Survey Results



  • Experience a new sense of focus and accountability with your own personal Certified E-Myth Consultant
  • Learn how to apply the knowledge and power of the proprietary E-Myth Mastery processes in your business
  • Increase your skill-level in the critical Centers of Management Attention: Leadership, Marketing, Money, Management, Client Fulfillment, Lead Conversion, Lead Generation
  • Enjoy client discounts on all products and additional programs such as Leadership Intensives and other E-Myth Training events
  • Utilize our free email consulting service, E-Myth BrainBank, for questions that arise about situations that you have not yet covered in your program
  • Observe and monitor your business's progress as you communicate a clearer vision of your business and implement new systems that address your business frustrations
  • Gain a new sense of balance and joy from your business as you develop more personal and financial freedom
To enroll, please call us at 800-221-0266 (U.S. & Canada) or 707-569-5757 (International), or email us at

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