A new year – a new service! E-Myth Worldwide's Client Care Department proudly announces our Signature Concierge Service™—designed exclusively for E-Myth Clients.

Client Care: What We Deliver To You

The foundation and promise of our service is simple – to create memorable, high-value interactions by providing you:

  • World-class, easily accessible service at no cost. An expertly trained staff of Client Concierge professionals is at-the-ready to assist you. We are pleased to provide this service to further enhance your Mastery experience.
  • A centralized resource. Want to know more about the wealth of current – and future – E-Myth resources? Our Client Concierge staff can provide what you need to know about new ways to continue working on your business.
  • Proactive Touch Points™ communication. You will hear from a Concierge when you reach program milestones. A Client Concierge will be contacting you throughout the duration of your participation in the E-Myth program to celebrate your progress and successes, and to support your courage, tenacity, and growing business expertise. All of these communications ~ referred to as Proactive Touch Points ~ form the basis of our ongoing relationship with you. Every Touch Point demonstrates the honor and privilege we feel by serving our clients.
  • An independent perspective. If you encounter unique circumstances you want to discuss with someone other than your coach, a Client Concierge will be on hand to help you explore alternatives and options to support the goals and dreams that brought you to E-Myth.
  • A place to celebrate. Your insights and suggestions are some of the most powerful outcomes of your Mastery program. A Client Concierge is available to facilitate the communication of your experiences in the form of a success story or business owner profile that would be of great value to other business owners. These would be posted on the E-Myth website and/or the Embark Community Connection site.

The Role of a Concierge: How E-Myth’s Signature Concierge Services Complements Your Coaching Relationship

To help you understand how this program is designed to serve you, let’s start by discussing how a Client Concierge can further enrich your E-Myth experience. When you think of the word “Concierge,” perhaps you recall an exceptional stay at a hotel where a Concierge helped you to book restaurant reservations, sightseeing tours, spa visits, rounds of golf and other services. A Concierge acts as a centralized resource for the information you need – all designed to ensure that your hotel stay takes your breath away.

Our Client Concierge staff members are resource experts, not coaches. This is an important distinction to understand. Our Signature Concierge Service has been developed to complement your coaching relationship and work in parallel with you and your coach to maximize your E-Myth experience. Through our Proactive Touch Points, we will provide you with additional information about resources, give you an opportunity for reflection, and to further identify your needs as a business owner.

How to contact E-Myth’s Client Care Department and Signature Concierge Services

To access our Signature Concierge Services, call us today at 800-551-3312
(International dial 707-569-5600) and ask for a Client Concierge, or you may e-mail us at clientcare@e-myth.com.

Yours in Service,

Client Care Department and its Signature Concierge Services

+1 541.552.4600
United States